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Traquer 08 April 2002 19:16

saving civilization
how can i save a game of civilization on winUAE?
i really need help quickly before i have to turn it off!!!

thanks in advance

CodyJarrett 08 April 2002 19:20

Are you running it from floppies or a hard disk?

The best thing is to run it from hard disk - saving is easy then. If running the A1200 version, it's also a good idea to hack it a bit to remove annoying screen fades.

However, the best thing is to run Civilization 2 on the PC!

Traquer 08 April 2002 19:22

im running it from flopies. 4 of them all together

Drake1009 08 April 2002 19:29

Hack for screen fades? How do you do that? I gave up on playing it on my A1200 because of it being slow, and the fades weren't helping at all.

CodyJarrett 08 April 2002 19:31

In the 'Floppy' tab of WinUAE, you can 'Create Standard "Floppy"', which should make a formatted ADF on your PC hard disk. Then you can insert that disk and save directly to it.

I should write something here about running Civ from hard disk...

Traquer 08 April 2002 19:33

i created a blank floppy, but when i click on the games menu 'save game' is light and i cant click it

CodyJarrett 08 April 2002 19:52

The Civ AGA patch was on Aminet - I can't find it there at the moment. I've upload the patched AGA executable to the Zone. However, I think it's the uncracked version and will ask questions a little bit into the game...

As for saving in Civ - I'm not sure why it's not available...

Tallhill 09 April 2002 18:50

zakfab, did you try to use the shortcut key instead? If I remember correctly it was Ctrl-S to save in Civ. That might work.

Or, I'm not 100% sure, but I think Civilization's copy protection disabled saving if you didn't give the correct answers. You might want to find a cracked version if this is the case.

Traquer 09 April 2002 23:41

yeah, i have an uncracked version.
it lets me save now, im not sure why it suddenly decided to let me.
when it asked me the question i guessed right :)

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