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protek 10 November 2008 13:20

64 Mb Simm -> 128 Mb
I've got this low profile 64MB 72 pin SIMM that probably has one or more faulty chips in it, since my A1200 will not even boot, when that SIMM is in place. And yes, I've tested it in other systems too, with more or less the same results.

This in mind I thought it would make a perfect training sample for a little SMD rework. I'd try to get replacement chips into the SIMM and put those instead of the faulty ones.

I was thinking, whether it would be possible to exchange the chips with ones that would give me 128 MB?

rkauer 11 November 2008 02:34

Short answer: no.

Only if the SIMM board have spare spaces for more chips in it (the exact double).

Also you need the very same type of chips and know how to route the necessary address signals.

protek 11 November 2008 06:53

Ok, thanks for quick reply, rkauer!

I guess, it's looking for exact replacement chips, then.

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