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caver99 22 August 2008 18:43

ICD ADscsi 2080
I have just got one of the above to put into my A1500(A2000) It came with 2 x 1mb 30pin simms(they are in the 2 slots nerist the mobo) on it but when i put it into my amiga the power light just flashes unless i turn off the ram jumper, now to my question apart from the ram one, does anyone have a copy of the manual, or give me a full breakdown on the list of jumpers, and is there any perticular slot that this card should be in?

rkauer 22 August 2008 19:32

The possibilities are:

- Bad SIMM, replace with a good pair;

- Lack of software (try Amiga Hardware Database. I didn't see the manual there, I'm afraid. But the software is there;

- Too much RAM on the Zorro bus. The RAM on the auto-config space must be less than 8Mb in total, counting all the boards you have in your A2000.

- Bad contact between one of the SIMM and the SIMM socket.

caver99 22 August 2008 20:35

I have only this one card in the computer, ok, will try so other ram whn i get some

rkauer 22 August 2008 22:22

Try cleaning the SIMM contacts, then. Also check the slots on your A2000.

caver99 22 August 2008 22:56

ok, will do, the scsi part works ok, just setting up a hdd and cdrom

caver99 23 August 2008 22:02

ok, i have the ram working, now i have 3 mb ram in the machine(1mb +2mb) i had the ram in the wrong sockets, now my next question, what size hdd can this controller handle, i am trying to use a 2.1gb ibm, the controller reconizes it and the size corectly but wont format it, the chip on the card is v2.10, i know there is a newer one out there3but cant find it.

caver99 24 August 2008 00:05

its ok, got the drive partitioned and now formatted working great

rkauer 24 August 2008 00:09

Try to boot using a disk with HDtoolbox or HDInstTools in it and try to partition/format it again.

If no-go, you need to find a smaller HD. Those earlier controllers can't handle HDs with more than 1Gb (and some even don't manage ones bigger than 256Mb!).

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