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giannis_vassili 09 June 2008 08:48

help for dkb cobra/viper 1230!
hello there ppl,

I wonder if somebody with a dkb cobra/viper could do me a favor running the sysinfo and tell me from the memory information the

-start memory
-end memory

and the amount of the simm it has on...

you see I am trying to configure my non-autoconfigure ram on a similar board which has a defect eprom and does not autoconfigures...and in absence of a prom-burner i seek other ways to see the simm on it...


Zetr0 09 June 2008 12:08


Hello there, I think the hex/bin file for the eprom is on one of the disks.

you can get them from here http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/cobra

I beleive to do the update you need to boot with the card in, and no memory installed, then update using the program on the disk, (available from the link) and then put the memory back.

from memory I think this is required if you are using OS3.1

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