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highvista 03 February 2007 19:15

ClassicWB P96 under WinUAE: A Couple Problems
I've installed ClassicWB P96 under WinUAE, and most things are working well. But there are two problems I'm having. First, I can't get program icons to stay on the workbench after a reboot. I indicate that they are to be left out and then do a snapshot, but this doesn't do it.

Second, I'm running at 1024x768 and, after I first installed, I was able to use the WBPattern pref to change the background from the default 800x600 image to the 1024x768 version of the jpeg. But now, I can't change the background. Each time I pick a new image and do test, use, or save, nothing happens.

Sorry if these are basic/newbie questions. My original Amiga experience ended in the early 90's at an A500 running WB 1.3, with a brief experiment with Amiga Forever about 2000. Things have come a long way since! :)

cybernoid 03 February 2007 20:54

Maybe it's the attrib files
Did you check if the workbench files are RWED? (not read-only?) You can see that with DirOpus and if so there's a "protect" item in DIROpus that you can turn all files RWED. When i used winuae, sometimes I had some problems with the attribute files and with the permissions with XP. Maybe thats your problem. :great

highvista 04 February 2007 01:00

Good idea about protections. Where would I look for the files that might need their permissions changed? I really have been away from the Amiga a while...

Marcuz 04 February 2007 01:24

i guess you are talking of pc side and not inside the emulation. that applies in the case you are using a hdir in winuae (a pc dir mounted as hard disk) instead of an hdf (an hard disk image). the emulation tries to make modification to files that are also visible to pc and on whom all Windows rules, restriction applies.

if the problematic directory is your bloodwych system' one, then i suggest you reinstall it as (or copy in) a hdf.

highvista 04 February 2007 02:35

I am running a fairly stock version of Bloodwych's HDF image for ClassicWB P96. I've mounted my Window's drives but I don't think I have anything saved to them that would cause write protection problems for the Amiga emulation. I'd like to avoid a re-install, since I've installed quite a few HD games. But I will if I have to--emulation certainly makes it easier.

highvista 04 February 2007 04:40

I found a workaround to getting program icons on the desktop that may be a clue to what's going on (or my ignorance!). There's a file called .backdrop in the root directory of the system drive that lists the program icons on the desktop. I edited this and added the path to my program icon (for Vim) and now snapshotting works. I'm guessing there's a similar file for the Workbench/Scalos background? Interesting...

Bloodwych 04 February 2007 11:12

The snapshot issue is fine at my end:

Right click an icon in a window,
Go to "Position->Leave Out",
Place it where you want it,
Right click on the desktop,
Select "Snapshot->All"

You can also right click on the icon itself and snapshot it instead of the desktop.
The above process adds a line to the .backdrop file as you've discovered.

The wallpaper has to be changed via the Scalos pattern prefs - do not add patterns using the Workbench prefs editor as you are not running Workbench, but Scalos!

The Scalos prefs can be accessed via the tools menu top left corner of the screen, or in the "Expansion/Scalos" directoy.

highvista 04 February 2007 21:40

That did it, Bloodwych. I was using the WBPattern pref instead of the one for Scalos. I was also not doing the "Leave Out" before moving the icon out of its drawer. I was doing it once I'd dragged the icon to the desktop. Works like a charm, now. Thanks!

One other strange thing. If I snapshot some of my WHDLoad-created game install directories, the games no longer load and instead give an error box that says "DOS-Error #205 (object not found) on loading "WHDLoad.Slave". I can work around it by not snapshotting the folder, but it's definitely a strange one.

Bloodwych 04 February 2007 21:59

That is a strange issue and quite worrying! Haven't come across this myself.

Are these whdload directories in a PC directory or a HDF file?
What version of WinUAE are you using?

I'll test myself and see if I can reproduce the error.

I really can't think why or how snapshotting would destroy data. :(

cybernoid 04 February 2007 23:31

Did you check the .info icon? Changing the directory of the icon so you must to change the location of the slave file. (Right Click icon, choose "Info" then change the path of the slave.) (You should remember that, it's the same as with wb1.3 amiga :cool)

highvista 05 February 2007 04:48

Thanks for the idea on making sure the .info file is correct. I don't think that's an issue, since I haven't moved the icons around.

An example game is Turrican 2. I can make a copy of the WHDLoad install directory and run the game just fine. Then, after I snapshot the copy, I get the error message. This doesn't happen for all games. Very strange.

killergorilla 05 February 2007 10:23

what lines are in the tooltypes for Turrican before you move it/leave it out?

highvista 06 February 2007 04:17


Originally Posted by killergorilla
what lines are in the tooltypes for Turrican before you move it/leave it out?

Good catch! I checked the tooltypes tab for the icon (once I figured out what that meant) and it was blank. If I edit it to add the lines "SLAVE=Turrican2.Slave" and "PRELOAD", I can snapshot without a problem. I'm not sure why it worked before the snapshot, but that's not surprising, given my level of knowledge.

Bloodwych 06 February 2007 18:01

Sounds like either the tool types are not present in the whdload packs or you're over writing them while updating icons. Snapshotting icons shouldn't over-write tool types.

Are you updating any whdload game icons after you've extracted the packs?

If so, have you changed any settings in IconInstaller?

highvista 06 February 2007 18:53

No, I didn't do anything special to the icon for Turrican2 after the install. The tooltypes were blank after the initial install, as far as I know. And I don't recall making any changes to IconInstaller--at least not intentionally.

If I have time at some point this week or upcoming weekend, I'll try another clean install of ClassicWB and, first thing after this, install Turrican2 within it and see what happens.

killergorilla 06 February 2007 19:00

can I just clear things up...

you are saying that when you install turrican it works fine.

When you cleanup/snapshot the icon it stops working?

Or when you leave out the icon it stops working?

highvista 06 February 2007 22:42

When it is first installed, Turrican2 works fine. It is after a simple snapshot that it stops working. No "leave out" is being done.

killergorilla 06 February 2007 22:44


any chance you could zip/lha the dir before snapshotting it?

highvista 07 February 2007 03:01

When I found the "fix", I changed the tooltypes in the install icon and did a snapshot, so I don't have the original any longer.

As soon as I get a chance, I'm going to do a new install of ClassicWB and try the Turrican2 HD install again, before doing anything else. If the snapshotting problem re-appears, I'll get you a copy of the archive, pre-snapshot.

highvista 15 February 2007 05:47

I finally installed Turrican2 to another drawer and ended up with the same problem--it runs before snapshotting and fails after. I have an LHA archive of the installation before snapshotting. Is it okay if I link it here? Would I be violating any rules, since it is a copy of the game?

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