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methodman 15 April 2018 02:06

Getting More to work
There is an Amiga program called More, but I can't find it and I want to install it for WHDLoad. Where is it located? How do I set it up so it will read files?

McTrinsic 15 April 2018 02:36

From CLI it is pretty straightforward.
It usually is installed in c: .

So to read 'text.readme' from Ram: you could just type 'more ram:text.readme' .

Prerequisite is, of course, to have more in c: and to have added a path for c: in your startup-sequence .

kolla 15 April 2018 13:09

It's usually not installed in C:, but rather in SYS:Utilities, at least with OS 3 and up.

C: never needs to be added to path, default path is C: and current directory, but SYS:Utilities needs to be added.

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