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tesla 21 April 2013 22:31

scsi luns
Ok, I was just reading about scsi and address and luns.

I understand address's, and how to change them, you have to terminate the last device, etc.

But luns, I don't understand.

I'm beginning to wonder if because my scsi HDD has a lun of 0, and so does my scsi cd drive, that that fact might be causing my problems.

It seems that my installation of 3.1 is working well, but if I try to access the cd drive, and I go into a folder or directory, my system locks up, and guru's. After guru'ing, it then resets itself

This is what the GURU message report shows:

8000 0003
Task 0884 5078

One time, the 0003 was a 0006

emufan 21 April 2013 23:29

a good thread about that issue. some quotes:


The ID is set by jumpers on the back of the device.
The LUN is set by the device internally and cannot be changed. (Except perhaps by a firmware update)

In case of the multi-reader the LUN corresponds to the slot. The SCSI ID is equal for all slots. The combination of LUN and ID determines the Unit.

LUNs being MSB and SCSI ID as LSB
( of the UNIT in mountlist )

SCSI ID 2 becomes Unit 2, not Unit 20.

Unit = 2 means ID = 2, LUN = 0
Unit = 20 means ID = 0, LUN = 2

prowler 21 April 2013 23:38

Nice find, emufan. :great

I searched for that thread but didn't find it.

BTW, I changed the link in your post above to point to the thread rather than the opening post.

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