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lionclaw 23 March 2010 22:20

Amithlon VESA modes
How do i get higher VESA modes in Amithlon like 1024x768x16?
I know that i get with vga=785 640x480x16.

SailorSat 24 March 2010 07:22

take a look at

lionclaw 25 March 2010 22:20

Thanks for the link.

Charlie 26 March 2010 18:31

That link will do it for setting the default VESA mode in Amithlon. If you're having issues changing modes from within AmigaOS your options are:
-Use a supported GFX card but that's getting increasingly difficult as PC's develop and Amithon hasn't much...
...the advantage is accelerated GFX output.
-Make sure you're using the latest Amithlon P96 updates as these add the ability to change AmigaOS modes even if you're running in VESA fall-back mode...
...worth updating regardless.


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