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Cauterize 03 January 2010 18:51

A game featuring a beating heart as a boss?
My memory is very very hazy on this one, so bear with me.

As far as I can remember, there was a quite graphic boss in an old Amiga game I played. I remember a beating heart being shown from behind a wall, which you had to destroy.

My memory says it was 'Turrican', however recent play throughs and screenshots/videos online would suggest otherwise.
However this might be a hint as to what genre the game actually is.

I am aware that 'Forgotten Worlds' features such a boss, however I'm not overly convinced that is the game im looking for. (However my memory is hazy)

So any other possibilities or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Steve 03 January 2010 19:02

I remember Salamander on the C64 had a beating heart as a boss. I think. :)

jbenam 13 January 2010 22:31

The first one which jumps to my mind is Bashtar from Toki:

Ok, there isn't a wall, but at least is something :P

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