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Tempest 2084 14 February 2020 22:24

Original Indivision ECS For Sale
While looking through my Amiga stuff, I noticed I have an Indivision ECS (original version) that I pulled out of my 2000 when I sold it a few years ago. I currently have no use for it, so I'd like to sell it. However I have no idea what they go for now (or even what I paid for it new to be honest), and I think there's a v2 now. Can someone give me a rough idea? Or feel free to make an offer.

I'll post pictures later, but it's working and in good shape.

Tempest 2084 15 February 2020 19:42

As promised, here's the picture:


deling 18 February 2020 17:31

what price do you want ?

Tempest 2084 19 February 2020 15:01

I'm not sure. I'm thinking maybe $80?

Tempest 2084 21 February 2020 17:57


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