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Retroplay 06 February 2020 15:49

Test Drive II - The Dual... issue with new slave
It seems the new Test Drive 2 v1.2 slave doesn't like the unofficial Northern Germany Challenge datadisk by mombasajoe

Use the old v1.1 archive for this:

DamienD 06 February 2020 20:29

Just tried the new slave in WinUAE.

For me there are issues; no matter what AGA configuration I use :sad

Main thing I noticed is that the speech and car engine sounds are messed up in the intro:
  • With all "Cycle-exact" ticked; the game says "Acc" and then "Duel".
  • With "Cycle-exact (Full)" unticked but "Cycle-exact (DMA/Memory accesses)" ticked i.e. Quickstart A1200; "Accolade presents" and then "The Duel".
  • With no "Cycle-exact" ticked what-so-ever; "very quick rubbish" and then "Test Drive II"
Haven't even bothered to play the game yet; and won't given the above...

For now I'm most definitely sticking with the old v1.2 slave from 05/03/2016 :agree

With this:
  • You correctly hear "Accolade presents" and "The Duel: Test Drive II", not to mention the correct car engine sounds.
  • Plus it also supports the unofficial "Northern Germany Challenge" datadisk by mombasajoe: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=67227

DamienD 06 February 2020 22:45

The one thing the *new* v1.2 slave / install does; which the *old* v1.2 slave / install doesn't is...

Your cars are as follows:


In the *old* v1.2 slave / install; it's the reverse...

After checking the original .IPF it should be as the *new* v1.2 slave / install; in terms of initial car selection :agree

Retroplay 07 February 2020 18:22

Yup same here, I think I'll re-add v1.1 standalone archive again.
New v1.2 slave doesn't "behave" like v1.1 (old v1.2 /5-/03/2016) slave.

Also fixed the swapped Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959 in NorthernGermanyChallenge.
That's my fault, I always choose the F40 and just forgot to revert back to default settings before packing up the archive. :D

jotd 07 February 2020 22:00

Note that if someone didn't post a mantis bug, your complaining wouldn't be that useful :)

I wasn't even aware of another unofficial datadisk, so how is it possible that an old install supports it when the new one (which only differs by a few asm changes) doesn't.

I have played the new slave on winuae and on my A1200/060 and didn't notice the sound issue. I'll double check. In the meantime, stick to the old slave, or try EXPCHIP tooltype

if someone wants to share the extra disks in the meantime that'd be great.

Retroplay 07 February 2020 22:26

Northern Germany Challenge disk zoned.

I've zoned a regular 880kb adf, don't know why extended adf was used in the original image.

jotd 07 February 2020 22:48

thanks. I'll have a look at those sound issues. Holiday season is on. More time for hobbies.

jotd 13 February 2020 18:36

okay, issue #0004354 (sound) probably fixed. Installer (beta) in the zone. Can you test?

DamienD 13 February 2020 19:43

I'm testing via WinUAE and an "AGA / Cycle-exact (Full) / 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM" configuration.

...but for me there are still issues when compared to the disk version or *old* v1.2 slave:
  • The games takes 20 seconds to show "Accolade presents". On the *old* v1.2 slave it's about 4 seconds.
  • The music sounds dulled.
  • Speech "The Dual" and "Test Drive II" seems a little short / dulled.
  • I get blips of sound on the DSI credits screen. This is when I stopped testing.
To be totally honest; the old *old* v1.2 slave was perfect for me :agree

I've never seen "flickering" but again I'm using a pretty standard AGA configuration on WinUAE.

Edit: tried the old *old* v1.2 slave; anything above a 68030 CPU and yes there are sound issues.

Retroplay 13 February 2020 22:37

European Challenge doesn't show up after installing all scenery disks.
Only Master Disk Scenery, California Challenge and Northern Germany Challenge is selectable.

DamienD 13 February 2020 23:22

All related posts moved out of the Retroplay's WHD uploads thread --> here ;)

jotd 14 February 2020 03:51

Problem is I just forgot about this european challenge disk and Northen Germany challenge has the same filenames as european challenge. So one just overwrites the other. Good point. Anyone took the time to rename the "euro_" prefixes and the .dat file see if it still works?

Is the sound bug gone?

Note that playing with full speed & JIT on isn't supported. One of the tachymeters hand is out of place in that case. The answer is: use a whdload script to turn off/on JIT when running whdload as it makes no sense to run games with JIT (cache size/speed just not possible to anticipate)

TjLaZer 15 February 2020 10:01

Yep music is all jacked up on my A4000/060.

jotd 15 February 2020 16:09

what do you mean ? jacked up ? it doesn't work then? tried EXPCHIP?

TjLaZer 16 February 2020 03:22


Originally Posted by jotd (Post 1378969)
what do you mean ? jacked up ? it doesn't work then? tried EXPCHIP?

Stutters and skips bad. If I put EXPCHIP it works. On previous one music was fine.

jotd 16 February 2020 03:45

damn. Probably a speed issue. Cannot reproduce with WinUAE even with JIT now that I have added delays after dma writes (I hate those real hardware only bugs, now that I don't have easy ways to build/test on real HW anymore).

Previous slave didn't use fast memory, so the speed was slower/different sync which explains why it worked. If someone has a winuae config where the sound bug appears with the beta slave that'd be interesting

Toni Wilen 16 February 2020 10:05

You could try latest winuae.7z, it logs first 100 possible audio dma wait issues (restart needed to reset it) and all automatic too fast cpu hacks can be disabled with chipset_hacks=8 config file entry.

EDIT: Check also if game uses audio interrupts and if it enables them (or triggers them with INTREQ write). Usually they assume following instruction is executed before interrupt starts (Warhead, IK+ etc..).

TjLaZer 17 February 2020 13:14


Originally Posted by Retroplay (Post 1377273)
Northern Germany Challenge disk zoned.

I've zoned a regular 880kb adf, don't know why extended adf was used in the original image.

Might want to rename ger_gameoption.info to ger_gameoption.shp ;)

Also 4 of the rear car pics have cracktro texts in them.

Retroplay 17 February 2020 14:42

I didn't do anything else than convert the extended adf to adf.
The contents was left untouched just like mombasajo's "original" ext adf.

DamienD 17 February 2020 16:06

The "Northern Germany Challenge" scenes worked fine in the old *old* v1.2 slave :agree

I've looked at the data structure and it's been correctly renamed with the prefix "ger_" so it doesn't conflict with the "European Challenge" scenes ;)


Originally Posted by TjLaZer (Post 1379407)
Might want to rename ger_gameoption.info to ger_gameoption.shp ;)

Yup, this correction should be made.

I've done this now, then .LHA'd up the files and the "scen.dat0" file which adds this scene pack.

File "NthGerChall.lha" in The Zone!

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