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Bloodwych 08 November 2006 16:39

Bloodwych review - APoV or Lemon Amiga?
I've just spent some time writing a detailed in-depth Bloodwych review, originally in the format required for Lemon Amiga. I felt that since this game isn't very well appreciated, I might be the only one to ever bother doing so in modern times!

What I can't decide now is, shall I post it on Lemon Amiga, submit it for APoV or both?

Decisions, decisions. I mean, ideally I'd like to submit it to both sources for consideration but I'm unsure about APoV's take on including reviews already present on the Lemon Amiga site?

Steve 08 November 2006 16:41

I say post in APoV first then maybe later on post it on Lemon Amiga.

Dizzy 08 November 2006 16:49

go for APoV and when the next number is released, make a short version of the review to Lemon.
This way it's best preserved, and read by most. You only read review of game you know and love on lemon, while in a mag like APoV you also read about things you dont know :D

Graham Humphrey 09 November 2006 20:35

If the next APoV is ever released ;)

Marcuz 09 November 2006 21:27

lemonamiga. i mean, if someonedon't wants to read it there because he don't likes the site he can wait for apow. consider also that lemonamiga reviews are, because of the web publishing, surely less nice to read than a big and colorful page of a magazine, so one may want to read them both.
add to that that apov is ever, ever late... why don't to reach more readers if the divulgating purpose was the thing that pulled you to write the review?
finally, you have written it, so, just because of the effort, considering the place where we are talking, an amiga board, we, both you writer and we readers, should want to see it published somehow the sooner than the later

CodyJarrett 09 November 2006 22:23

APoV issue 3 is some way off so I'd say send it to LA for now.

Bloodwych 09 November 2006 23:22

Fair enough, I might as well post it on Lemon Amiga since (as I said before) it's all in the correct format.

I'll submit an updated one for APoV and change it for the mags preferred style, once we get nearer to its release.

Thanks for the input guys.

Hungry Horace 15 November 2006 17:00

it's an excellent review of an all-time classic mate! :great

maybe a bit generous regarding the sound, but hell, as you say... it does the job.

i could rant about this game for hours myself too.... one day i'll build it a shrine worthy of it's name!

Bloodwych 15 November 2006 17:19

Thanks HH and yes, looking at other reviews on the site you're right - I should have given the sound five or under, but I can't edit it once submitted!

Some old mag reviews gave about 60ish percent on sound and I guess that's what influenced me. I agree it's generous - I'll see if I can contact Kim and he might alter it. :)

If I ever did a future review for APoV, I think I'd go over it again and add some humour, extra graphics, tables and screen caps.

Hungry Horace 19 November 2006 03:28

i've just been looking at your review again, because i am trying to explain on another site just *how* good the game is.... however, i came across a (really pedantic and anal) discrepancy....


After a brief loading session displaying an ominous title picture of your arch enemy, Zendick, the copy protection hammers the drive before giving way to a rather basic looking option screen
well.... my problem is that it aint Zendick on that start picture... it's The Lord of Entropy... who overthrew Zendick late on in the game (those "rather useful news-bulliten-style scrolls on the wall tell you that!).... Zendick being of course the guy with the crown who drops the Ace of Swords.

now i'm fairly sure you must know this!! so why such a basic error in Bloodwych folklore BW?? (i cant call you "bloodwych" in this context, it's too confusing! :P )

how could you let this happen???

Bloodwych 19 November 2006 11:09

It’s a travesty!!! How can this be??? I have disgraced the almighty tale of Bloodwych!!! :crying

To tell you the truth I simply forgot. I got out my trusty old Bloodwych manual to get the details for the background story and wasn’t really thinking of how the game twists the tale round towards the end.

Now you’ve mentioned it, the title pic is indeed the Lord of Entropy! You even have that OMG moment when you ask the guy (who has the ace of swords) his name and he says Zendick.

I'm guessing you've completed the game recently to remember that little twist at the end. Last time I went through was a few years ago now so the memory just slipped up.

Oh well, these things happen - look to the towers my friend. May the spirits of Bloodwych forgive me.

Marcuz 19 November 2006 12:09

no no no no no...
i regret to say it, but not so easy my friend. i hereby demand you change your nickname! :D

Bloodwych 19 November 2006 12:14

No Marco! Don't tempt fate!

For if I change my name it can only be to my evil doppelganger, Bloodbitch. She normally frequents off-topic boards that Fred and Co. create, so to let her loose on EAB will cause more chaos than the Lord of Entropy himself!! :crazy

Marcuz 19 November 2006 12:28

i've just read the review, it's very good, it makes me want to try the game, but i could never find anyone in my surrounding wanting to do it in team. alas.

Bloodwych 19 November 2006 13:28

Shame marco. It's hard to convince people to free up enough time for such retro gaming.

HH - I've submitted an edited review with the corrections in place. Kim is kindly going to update at his earliest convenience.

DamienD 19 November 2006 14:46


Originally Posted by marco pedrana
no no no no no...
i regret to say it, but not so easy my friend. i hereby demand you change your nickname! :D

LOL :lol

Hungry Horace 20 November 2006 00:30

i completed Bloodwych on. ..errrmmm... friday?

i even posted a video of it on youtube (sad huh?) ... i'll let you guys find it for yourselves!

although i think thanks to the obsessive-ness of myself, and my two older brothers over this game, it's something i'd have known anyway, although i doubt i'd have remembered the wall-scrolls otherwise!

now mis-spelling "Treihadwyl" ... THAT i could forgive.. ;) (i always think it sounds Welsh)

Bloodwych 20 November 2006 10:55

Fantastic! You've finished Bloodwych on your PSP! And it looks like it's running quite well.

Any frame skip?
Hand cramp?
How long did it take?

Now that is dedication! I salute your efforts and most certainly hand the throne and title of "total Bloodwych nut" into your safe hands! :lol

Thanks for posting those vids.

Hungry Horace 20 November 2006 14:14

oooh, it didnt take too long... maybe 5 or 6 decent length sessions every other evening or so? (with a few little sessions thrown in whilst on car-journeys and stuff!) certainly no longer than playing on any other system. (as you can see on the videos, i kinda got my flow going for moving about quickly, just by setting up some custom controls)

the auto-frameskip hovers around the 2 mark.... and with ""that" animation style, you simply cant notice it at all!

as for hand cramp.... hmmm... none that i recall. definately one of the most comfy and best running games you could play on pspuae. transferring the game over to the data disk though has been a mega-pain (thus my request for an update to the whdload slave, which Girv is very kindly looking into) ... i've only just started playing that, and i can hardly remember anything of it past the first floor or so, so i'm expecting it to take me a lot longer!

http://www.djcresswell.com/amigashots/summon.gif http://www.djcresswell.com/amigashots/entropy.gif http://www.djcresswell.com/amigashots/crab.gif

Bloodwych nut? dunno what you're talking about? ;)

dlfrsilver 24 November 2006 18:37

the game exist in french, i missed it 2 weeks ago on ebay uhh uhhhhhahhh :=(

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