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glynharper 03 February 2019 23:21

Neon light demo?
Hi all.
I'm just getting back into the Amiga scene after many years away!
I have a working Amiga 1200 with a CF hard drive, and I'm loving every minute of it.
I also have a load of my original floppies from back in the day, with loads of demos I used to love listening to.
Sadly, they won't all load and I can't find one in particular.
As most of my discs aren't labelled properly, I can't find the name of the particular demo I'm after.
All I can remember is the music for it (which I can't really post!) but also the fact that at one point it had the words 'neon lights make my eyes burn' scrolling across the screen.
I know it's a long shot.. but would anyone know what that demo is so I can try and locate it again?

chip 03 February 2019 23:36

Difficult to help you :(

Anyway, welcome to the forum ;)

glynharper 04 February 2019 11:57


Originally Posted by chip (Post 1302332)
Difficult to help you :(

Anyway, welcome to the forum ;)

Thanks! I thought it would be a long shot, but you never know! :)

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