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gibs 31 January 2012 02:06

lha size limit or Winuae ?
I use lha 2.12
When I backup my 4GB compact flash, I use winuae with jit (faster) and I create the backup.lha into a hard drive 'directory'.

lha stops his job at 2GB.

Is it a lha limit or winuae HDD directory has a file size limitation ?

source 31 January 2012 04:09

I am not sure if lha will fail after 2 gig, but you do need to use a 3rd party file system to accomodate files bigger than 2 gig. FFS does not go past 2 gig in file size. - (If I am not mistaken)

gibs 31 January 2012 21:17

I'm not using FFS I'm using PFS3 and if I'm doing a backup under winuae it's probably under NTFS or HFS :)

Well... I used a CF FAT32 formated and I did the same backup in the PCMCIA (CF0:) slot.

The result is the same : the backup end at -2147480566

***Copy to archive failed - file not added

thomas 31 January 2012 22:41

2GB is an AmigaDOS limit. You cannot change it without changing the LhA program.

Just make multiple archives.

gibs 01 February 2012 11:13

ah ok...make sense...sh*t.

Leffmann 03 February 2012 23:39

I haven't got enough info to make a thorough bug-report here, but I've also had problems with LHA in conjunction with directory-drives:

Sometimes LHA can't extract correctly from the drive, sometimes it can't create new archives on the drive, or create archives at all if LHA itself is located on that very drive, and sometimes LHA just causes a guru. The directory holds less than 200M of files, with many GB free on the host drive. It never happens when I work in RAM: or on a disk image.

I don't know if it's LHA or WinUAE, but the only solution I've come up with is to keep LHA and any source- and destination archives off of the directory-drive.

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