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Pyromania 02 June 2007 08:30

Aladdin 4D's future
It is already whispered in inner Amiga & MorphOS circles that DiscreetFX is in the final stages of considering buying the source-code to Aladdin 4D and updating and releasing it for Mac OS X, Linux, MorphOS and Amiga OS 4.0. We have to make up our mind 100% soon though. We respect the EAB community and wonder if they have any opinions on this matter and or if members have used A4D. Please all opinions are welcome especially if you use and love 3D software on any OS.

Doc Mindie 04 June 2007 02:16

For myself:

Any and all programs coming to the platform of Amiga, whether the mirage-ish OS4 or otherwise, is a good thing. If Aladdin4D makes a (re)entry then I'm even more into considering buying it than before, seeing as Real3D, Imagine and Lightwave and even Cinema has abandoned the Amiga years ago.

BinoX 04 June 2007 12:30

I think it would be a great idea...

However, I do think a windows release should also be considered, since I'd like to be able to have it on my laptop and do it on the move...
AROS would be a nice, but optional (for now), touch as well... :)

Also.. if there was something like "Aladdin4D.library" that could open model files for use by 3D application/games designers...

If the above features were implemented I think it would be an excellent idea...

If they aren't then I still think it'll be a really nice idea as long as there's export option to standard model formats for use on other systems :)

Pyromania 04 June 2007 19:50


We have a good idea for the Windows version. At first I was not even interested in doing one at all. I am tired of making Windows software and don't really want to promote or support it. The new idea I have now though is that no matter what version you order (MorphOS, Linux, Amiga, Mac OS X) you always get the Windows version for free. This allows me the little dig at Windows I want and still gets customers a Windows version they can use if needed. You could not get the Windows version unless you bought the other version though.

"We feel Windows is old and obsolete but here is a included free version for Windows when you buy our application".

BinoX 04 June 2007 21:13


That's a real good idea actually :) lol
In that case I'm all for it... Just remember my library idea too, it'll be really useful :) I want royalties for it.. lol.. joking :D

I wish you the best with this project :)

Zetr0 04 June 2007 22:23

@Pyro / Binox

I really like the library idea, it would make a fantastic tool for games developers :D, even if its a source file at the end of the day it would save so much time !

Pyromania 05 June 2007 02:16

Binox, could you please expand a little bit on your Aladdin4D.library idea, I am not sure I understand what you mean.

Mad-Matt 05 June 2007 03:01

id put the effort into whatever version is going to be able to bring money into your business, and then worry about the minority platforms ;)

Pyromania 05 June 2007 04:09


Yup, if we even acquire it at all, we have to make up our minds if it is worth to buy and will make money for the company.

BinoX 05 June 2007 10:16


Originally Posted by Pyromania
Binox, could you please expand a little bit on your Aladdin4D.library idea, I am not sure I understand what you mean.


If you make a shared Aladdin4D.library that handles 3D model loading and animating then games developers could directly use Aladdin4D models in their apps...

i.e. imagine being able to quickly write a simple 3d engine using functions like...

A4DModel World = A3D->OpenModel("World.a4d");

A4DModel Player = A3D->OpenModel("Player.a4d");

SomeRenderFunction(World, xcoord, ycoord, zcoord);
RenderPlayer(Player, FrameNumber, xcoord, ycoord, zcoord);

Pretty much just an easy way for other application developers to have access to open and use aladdin 4D models and anims in their progs..

OK.. not the best example.. maybe someone else can explain better?

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