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eLowar 03 July 2009 07:04

irc.projectmage.com:6669 down [2009-07-03 ~6:00 CEST]
Just to let everybody who wants to get onto IRC know, I'm having some technical difficulties with my web server (probably a hardware problem), so Abime's secondary IRC server as well as IRC services are down (for how long I cannot say yet, I'm waiting for feedback from tech support). So, if you want to get onto IRC, connect to irc.abime.net:6667 only.

Join now and warm your hands at the flaming garbage cans. ;)

eLowar 09 July 2009 11:31

In case anybody cares ;), a little status update: The old server is dead, all data may be lost (major HDD/controller failure; as far as IRC is concerned I won't bother waiting for the results of a rescue attempt). I've moved to a new (much better) server and am in the process of setting it up.

Things should therefore mostly be back to normal within a few days, but all service accounts, etc. will be lost.

skateblind 09 July 2009 11:46

Service accounts? Do I get serviced if I have one of these accounts? :D

Sorry to hear about the loss of data btw.

eLowar 11 July 2009 07:35

Services are back up (mostly). User accounts are lost, though, so if you want voice/ops/whatever (note: ops of course only if you deserve them :p), please (re-)register. Use the following command for more information:

/msg NickServ HELP

In other news, you can now connect to either server (irc.abime.net and irc.projectmage.com) on port 6667. The secondary server (irc.projectmage.com) will also remain available on ports 6669 and 8080.

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