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roberthazelby 29 September 2005 23:12

South West Amiga Group - Website Now Back Online
I am pleased to announce that the previously deceased SWAG web site is once again up and running at: http://www.swag.org.uk/

I've been daft enough to come forward and try and get things on the site and in the group in general going again, and founder Andy Mills has very kindly let me have a go.

The site's just had a quick tidy-up. I've removed a number of dead web site links, and added one or two.

If you're based in the South West of England, into all things Amiga, and want to meet like-minded people, please visit the site, sign-up and start posting. Most of us are located in the Bristol and Bath area, but we have members located all over the South West.

A couple of us are already thinking about a small get-together in the not too distant future, and it would certainly be a case of "the more the merrier".

If you'd like to join-up, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading!


Galahad/FLT 30 September 2005 03:35

I only live in Bath, but alas, the logo on your front screen 'no piracy campaign'.... well I think that kinda rules me out! :(

alexh 30 September 2005 10:33

With a name like SWAG? ;)

whiteb 30 September 2005 14:50

Dont count yourself out Galahad, i used to live in Bath too.

Galahad/FLT 30 September 2005 15:49

my location isn't my problem..... my previous vocation is!

roberthazelby 02 October 2005 20:49

The site hasn't been updated fully for a few years, and there was still a fair bit of commercial software being released when the logo was put there.

I dont think anyone's going to be against you joining-up because of your previous antics. Lets face it, people like you who cracked games and the like are one of the reasons why the Amiga was so popular in the first place - a platform with an easy and cheap source of games.

I think if you were copying new Amiga stuff then people may look on it differently. I for example have just under a gigs worth of games installed on my hard drive. Not one of these can be purchased commercially as far as I am aware. I'm not harming what's left of the Amiga scene in any way.

Please, sign up.


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