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adrdesign 09 December 2016 03:52

PT2.3D port for Raspberry PI
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I´m having a good time with my Rpi3, tested few synths, emulators and so. Today I tried protracker using uae4arm (uae4all2 also). Noticed the latency and desisted to start making anything.

I remembered one guy ported Protracker2.3d to C and having tested in windows and mac, I thought it will worth the time to have the raspberry a try.

sudo apt-get install subversion
sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev
svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/protracker/code/trunk protracker-code
cd protracker-code
chmod +x make-linux.sh

when finished, you can find protracker and protracker_opengl in bin/

Now you can remember those protracker days without any noticeable latency. Loading wavs and >64k instruments is allowed. Have fun. Merry xmas. :xmas

Attached: raspberry executable (libsdl1.2 needed)

PD: excuse my poor english. I think knowledge is more important ;)

Foul 09 December 2016 18:15

off F*** it's working !
Excellent thx :D

Devlin 09 December 2016 20:58

Getting an OpenGL error when I try to run the downloaded binary from RetroPie. Does this need an active X session?



src/pt_audio.c: In function ‘audioCallback’:
src/pt_audio.c:829:11: warning: cast increases required alignment of target type [-Wcast-align]
    out = (int16_t *)(stream);

getting this warning when building from source but works fine anyway

EugeneNine 10 December 2016 02:49

Works on x86 64 Linux as well

volton 09 July 2017 21:26

lay out please collected pt2.3d. I at assembly have a mistake.

alkis 10 July 2017 01:01

Don't know if they migrated to sdl2 from 2016 to 2017, currently on rasbian needs:

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev

volton 10 July 2017 16:14

no compiled :(
terminal log : Compiling, please wait...
*** Error in `gcc': double free or corruption (top): 0x01dd5ae0 ***
./make-linux.sh: line 6: 7834 Aborted gcc src/*.c src/gfx/*.c -lSDL2 -lm -ldl -Wall -Wno-unused-result -Wc++-compat -Wshadow -Winit-self -Wextra -Wunused -Wunreachable-code -Wredundant-decls -Wswitch-default -march=native -mtune=native -O3 -o release/protracker

alkis 10 July 2017 23:09

That's a compiler bug.
Try https://solarianprogrammer.com/2016/...p-17-programs/ and install gcc-6.

There is no such bug in gcc-6.

volton 11 July 2017 16:21

:( dozn't :(
terminal log => Compiling, please wait...
*** Error in `gcc': double free or corruption (top): 0x00994ae0 ***
./make-linux.sh: line 6: 30457 Aborted gcc src/*.c src/gfx/*.c -lSDL2 -lm -ldl -Wall -Wno-unused-result -Wc++-compat -Wshadow -Winit-self -Wextra -Wunused -Wunreachable-code -Wredundant-decls -Wswitch-default -march=native -mtune=native -O3 -o release/protracker
ps uploading please for me compiled file pt2.3d to - paul_am$mail.ru ($ ->@)

volton 02 August 2017 13:09

troubles :(

adrdesign 20 August 2017 21:27

I used rpi3 raspbian jessie with pixel desktop, not available ATM. You can install it after these commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install -y rpi-chromium-mods
sudo apt-get install -y python-sense-emu python3-sense-emu python-sense-emu-doc

hope it works.

daxb 01 June 2018 19:03

I started the Protracker binary on RPi3B with Raspbian streatch (4.14.34). Load and play works but around 95% CPU usage makes it very slow. So it is not usable.

libsdl1.2 seems to be obsolete now. libsdl1.2debian exists and is installed. However, it seems it needs adapted for Raspbian streatch. At the moment I'm not very interested but if it isn't much work, why not.

I tried MilkyTracker on my RPi3 what supports Protracker mods but I don't know if it is able to play PT mods correct.

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