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elowan 19 August 2016 15:35

AOS4.1FE RunInUAE Installer crashes

I have AOS4.1FE run in WinUAE emulation and RunInUAE worked fine.
Now, I deleted it by accident and wanted to re-install it from the CD´s Extras Installer.

After clicking on "No" at the "WHDLoad registered?" prompt, the installer crashes with a guru ääähmm grimreaper message...

I tried to contact the author of RunInUAE, but no response...
I registered at Hyperion Forum, still waiting for approval (´common guys, 3 days+ for accepting new accounts?)

So my hopes are, that somebody here on EAB can help?

Oh, I also copied a working RunInUAE install over, from a hdf backup.
When starting, it complains about missing config files in ENVARC.

Strange thing is, I copied them also, but one of them gets deleted, everytime I try to start...

Any ideas?

Toni Wilen 20 August 2016 15:04

Does it work if you temporarily don't use uaegfx during installation? I think I saw similar report somewhere.. Impossible to know what goes wrong without actual help from guess who..

elowan 22 August 2016 09:48

hey Toni,

I will give it a try. So I need to choose picassoIV monitor and a screenmode again in AmigaOS and shutdown. Then change from uaegfx to picassoIV again in WinUAE config and boot AOS4.1 again, right?

elowan 23 August 2016 09:52

it worked! seems, the installer just not like uaegfx card. ;)

Ladjets 19 March 2017 21:42

Problem with RuninUAE and MAC Flowerpot
Hi All

Ive had the same install problem as above and after following the solution the installer crashes with another error

Any thoughts ?

Guru Meditation 80000003
Task 0x3e236490 ("C/HandleScreenModes")
generated an error of type DSI (Data Storage Interrupt)
on address 0x1f97fa38
Redzone was not damaged
Stackpointer is inside bounds


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