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Pollock 31 July 2019 00:02

iGame Art Pack - Now available :)
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Hey there, i decided to create an art pack for all the WHDLoad games on iGame, well, not all of them, but 2500 of them. I just have it finished, and while i did it for myself, i thought i would let people know here, incase anyone else wanted to use it.

The images are 32 colour dithered, with a resolution of between 256*128 to 256*159, they are designed for the standard high res Workbench desktop at 640*256, i run mine at 658*260 at these work fine, although bear in mind the resolution of these images, is lower than a ZX Spectrum loading screen, but i think i got some good results, i use a colour depth of 64 colours on WB, this will affect how they look, your mileage will vary. They are designed for my CM 8833 MK2, and i have taken a couple of shots to show you how it looks, 2500 Games.

spudje 31 July 2019 09:22

Nice! Great work, where can we grab them :) ?

Pollock 31 July 2019 09:53


Originally Posted by spudje (Post 1335531)
Nice! Great work, where can we grab them :) ?

next couple of days, just putting the finishing touches on it :)

walkero 31 July 2019 10:40

It looks like a really nice package. Well done. How long did it take to you to find and convert all these images?

hUMUNGUs 02 August 2019 21:52

Nice work Pollock !

Wachi 04 August 2019 12:26


Paulthetall 06 August 2019 08:53

Awesome work man. Looking forward to them :) + quick reference how to set those images in Igame.

Pollock 07 August 2019 19:23

iGame Art Pack - Now available :)
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Hello. I don't post much, but i do lurk :)

Do you use iGame? do you have an AGA machine, or RTG? wouldn't it be nice if instead of Superfrog, you got a nice image of the game, for all, if not most of the games in there? Well now you can.

Another Amiga user, Troels Jacobsen, made a small pack with igame.iff images for the games he liked, and i thought i would give it a go to see if i could create images for most of the games in iGame. I have used some of Troels original images as they where very good, and i had them on my A1200 anyway, so most of the screenshots of gameplay are his, i didn't ask him, although his images are a few years old now, and since they where out there, and i was using them, i added to them, although full credit goes to Troels for his work, and my thanks. I tended to go more for box art, kinda make it look like a library of games. All images are created in GIMP, they are dithered in 32 colours, as this seemed a good trade off. I have a 64 colour workbench, and they look fine on that. They vary in size from 256*128 to 256*152, any larger than this, and iGame restarts with a different font, and goes a bit weird. Some of them look good, and some look a bit "ok", it was hard to find anything at all for some lesser known titles. Some of the images don't lend themselves to being that small, and can look messy, and some look all the better for it. Although bear in mind, the colour depth, and resolution of the images, which is less than a ZX Spectrum, so please temper your expectations with what you expect to see. They are meant to be used on a standard WB hires desktop, of 640*256, if used at other resolutions they will look squashed, or iGame will restart and adjust itself into misbehaving accordingly.

I have kept the directory structure the same as what you should have where your games are, assuming you use the same massive archive as the rest of us. The AGA titles i took out of alpha order, as there where too many folders, and put them into one folder, thats how they are here, if it's a pain, i will change it. You know the drill, merge the folder with the game folder of the same name, or move the IGAME.IFF file that's in the folder, i am not sure of the behaviour of DOpus, if you can just merge over the top of a folder.

I have kept the material i used to create these, so if there is enough interest, i will create a set for different resolutions and colour depths etc. maybe even a set for a locked pallet on WBClassic, as well as updating this version, if there is enough interest. There are a few screenshots, to show you how they look, for games picked at random.

I'm not sure how to share this, a 42MB zip, my friend has put this on his dropbox, and gave me the link, so please let me know it works ok, or if not, for any ideas of how to get it out there, as I'm not sure.

iGame Art Pack V1.0


wiz12 07 August 2019 19:27

These are great though I prefer in game screenshots rather than boxart. Thanks for uploading them.

Pollock 07 August 2019 19:47


Originally Posted by wiz12 (Post 1336953)
These are great though I prefer in game screenshots rather than boxart. Thanks for uploading them.

so do i, but as resolutions that small, most of them looked awful.

kublai 07 August 2019 20:12

Thanks for sharing.

Pollock 07 August 2019 20:13

ok, so to install these on my other A1200 with an ACA 1233n, took about 4 minutes. Line up the matching folder at the root level, ("A" for eg.) with the destination in DOpus, and copy over, when it says replace, choose "all", this will put the IGAME.IFF file into the corresponding folder, if you dont get an error instantly, then you should see a whizzing of IFF files going across, i have never used these images with an 030, it's considerably slower than my 060 at opening these files, expect a very small delay when switching games in the list. You will also notice some games dont have images, this is because i had them hidden, usually as they where Alt Alt Alt ... or i just didn't have them.

Can someone please report if the link works?


malko 07 August 2019 20:37


Originally Posted by Pollock (Post 1336965)
[...] Can someone please report if the link works?

Don't have the use of it (anyway, nice work) and post only to answer your question.
Yes, link is working and file (as zip) can be downloaded. ;)

Pollock 07 August 2019 20:41


Originally Posted by malko (Post 1336970)
Don't have the use of it (anyway, nice work) and post only to answer your question.
Yes, link is working and file (as zip) can be downloaded. ;)

many thanks ;)

malko 07 August 2019 21:47

you are welcome :)

spudje 08 August 2019 08:34

Awesome, I do prefer box art over screenshots, so really like this set! Thanks for all the work!

MickGyver 19 October 2019 13:27

Thank you very much for making this Pollock! :)

Pyromania 19 October 2019 13:35

Nice work!

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