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Calgor 15 February 2013 02:22

Square Sounds Chip Music Festival - Melbourne
For those in Melbourne, there is the Square Sounds Chip Music Festival this weekend over Friday and Saturday nights.


Description from the website:
"The Square Sounds festival will begin in February 2013 with its Australian stop in Melbourne, the first in what is intended as a series of events that includes Tokyo, Japan, with plans in motion for cities in the future. The show, Australia's only festival focussed on Chipmusic and Retrotech will feature music inspired by & created with retro videogame hardware, forming the foundation for a 4 day party of pre and post events, workshops and maybe a few unexpected surprises."

I know that one of the acts, cTrix, uses Amigas to make some of his music and has attended the MAUG computer group meeting in the past. I can only attend on Friday night so unfortunately will not be able to see him work his magic on Saturday night where he is the final act. Check out his website here:


I am going with a couple of mates so if anyone is interested give me a PM.

Anakirob 15 February 2013 05:27

Melbourne Amiga Shiznit
I cannot be arsed to pay to go to see a festival when there are only two artists on the bill I am interested in seeing. BUT if you shoot me a PM then I'll see you at the next MAUG meeting matey :)

Loedown 15 February 2013 06:21

Not my cup of tea but thanks for the heads up.

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