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Felix 27 September 2009 15:48

SCSI Termination
Hi, can you help!

I am about to replace the SCSI Hard Disk in my GVP A500=HD+ Series II, do I set the termination jumper on the new SCSI drive, I have read the manual for the GVP it tells me all about external Termination but nothing about the Termination for the Internal SCSI HD

Thanks for your help


patrik 27 September 2009 17:08

As I suppose you have already heard, the scsi chain should be terminated at both ends.

In your case (assuming you have no external harddrive), one end will be your internal harddrive and the other the GVP controller - so in theory both the controller and the harddrive should be terminated.

Though, some GVP controllers come with onboard termination and some doesn't. In the case where the GVP controller is terminated - it is all well - just jumper your harddrive to enable termination and both ends are terminated.

In the case when the GVP controller isn't terminated, one would think that it would matter, but as the harddrive is so close to the controller (about 10cm of scsi cabling), it will in practise not matter - just jumper your harddrive to enable termination and it will work fine - even if it according to the big book of scsi theory is wrong.

One last thing though, if you on your harddrive have a jumper to select where to get the termination power from, select it to be powered from the drive, as atleast my GVP does not supply termination power onto the internal bus (but if my memory serves me right - it does for the external connector).

Felix 27 September 2009 17:42

Thank You Patrik for your very usfull information! :)


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