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BippyM 03 December 2007 20:22

replay breakpoints
When I set a breakpoint with Action Replay 3.xx (all versions) it doesn't actrivate

When I set same breakpoint with winuae's debugger it activates, so is the replay faulty or emulation?

Any ideas?

Toni Wilen 03 December 2007 20:27

Your question is faulty :)

I guess you mean normal AR3 instruction breakpoints, they do work but note that they only work in ram and they can be overwritten (if code is self-modifying etc..)

BippyM 03 December 2007 20:30

Okay here is what I am trying to do

Captive loads its mapgen to a certain location then naturally jumps to that location to execute

now I cannot find the jump (I guess it's using registers and stuff) so I figured i'd breakpoint the location it starts and then hopefully it'd jump in there

I tried using the debugger but I need the emulation to pause when returning to winuiae so I can activate the debugger and single step thru (I prefer action replay to debugger for some reason!)

Toni Wilen 03 December 2007 20:50

Pause won't help because while paused winuae won't pass any events to emulated side.

Possible solution: use built-in debugger breakpoint normally, when it breaks, use H or HH commands to check last few instructions until you find better breakpoint location. (that is not unpacked/loaded from disk)

BippyM 03 December 2007 21:14

is it possible to pause emulation but maybe still read instructions, so I can just go straight into replay when unpaused

musashi5150 03 December 2007 22:59

A lame solution bippy is to activate AR while the code is still being loaded/decrunched but the start of it is already there. If you breakpoint the address now it should then fire AR when it is run.

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