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Mick_AKA 08 November 2002 18:16

[Found: Beasts and Bumpkins!] Stinking illiterate peasant, he served me well!
"stinking illiterate peasant, he served me well"

This was on a gravestone pictured on an advert for a computer game years ago, and its really bugging me as I cant remember what game it was:(

Any ideas guys?

Ash 09 November 2002 08:30

Could it be that Baldrick game made in Aus with Amos
This is all I can think of

Mick_AKA 09 November 2002 13:12

Not sure, i think it was a settelers type game, it might have been settelers im just not sure!

Shatterhand 09 November 2002 17:15

Could it be Genesia ?

Mick_AKA 09 November 2002 19:10

As I said I cant quite remember, I was hoping someone knew for sure.

IanMac 09 November 2002 22:10

its not settlers, i can tell you that much :)

Mick_AKA 09 November 2002 23:44

I dont think it was on the games box or anything, just the magazine advert, this is really bugging me now, im trying to find the mag, think it was in an issue of Computer and Video Games.

Mick_AKA 22 March 2006 00:30

Just ressurecting this as it still bugs the hell out of me!

Any ideas?


Galahad/FLT 02 April 2006 13:17

I remember this as well

Mick_AKA 05 February 2007 08:37

Just dragging this up again, still keeps me up nights lol

Anyone got any ideas?

Ironclaw 05 February 2007 08:56

Think I recognise that aswell, but donno either where it's from... hmm...

mr_0rga5m 05 February 2007 11:25

You sure it was for a game ?!? ... I thought it was for new IBM hardware. (new being XT's or summat)

hrm i need to start digging out the ol mags. O_o

Methanoid 05 February 2007 13:59

I'd be inclined to start trawling through HOL and seeing if it jogs a memory. Ideally you want to be able to browse a collection of Amiga mags for the advert!

Mick_AKA 27 January 2010 22:17

*bump* you never know, anyone?

Jonathan Drain 09 February 2010 22:45

Ha, I googled this and the only results are Mick_AKA asking this on forums. There's a thread on another forum where the guy says he googled it, and all he got was Mick_AKA asking it on this forum. :spin

I seem to remember this advertisement. That places it either in CU Amiga magazine from 1993 until it closed, or the Amiga Format 1992 special. AMR doesn't scan advertisements (it should!) and all my Amiga magazines are buried under 10 years' worth of boxes and papers.

Or it could be one of those phrases that sounds like it's from somethign but isn't, like the movie quote, "That's the beauty of it! It doesn't DO anything!"

Galahad/FLT 10 February 2010 00:10

I'm sure I remember it being written on a gravestone in an advert.

pmc 10 February 2010 08:26

Eight years looking for this game name! :shocked

ROFL! Might be time to give up the fight mate! :D

Muzkat 10 February 2010 10:39

It's familiar to me as well.

Are you sure it's a retro game? Might it be Baldur's Gate?

But if it was that legendary title, it would have come up in Jonathan's Google search.


Mick_AKA 28 August 2010 12:28

*bump* anyone?!

Jonathan Drain 07 September 2010 08:10

Can you narrow it down to which years of which magazines you read?

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