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Fr0sty 07 April 2014 03:49

Odd screen-sizing issue at 1920x1080
Hey guys,

I'm having a strange screen sizing issue when trying to run FS-UAE at 1080p and wondering if anyone has seen similar.

I'm using an AMD APU with the latest beta drivers (March 15) from the AMD website.

When I try and run either FS-UAE or the FS-UAE Arcade at a 1920x1080 resolution, it's as if the whole screen is zoomed in too far and there's a lot cut off. This isn't just the Amiga screen, but the whole thing. If I bring up the overlay for example, the right-part of it is cut off. It's as if the whole SDL surface is too big.

I've tried various combinations of fullscreen_mode settings; anything using a 1920x1080 width & height setting shows this problem.

I can workaround it by forcing the resolution lower; fullscreen_mode=window, fullscren_width=1280, fullscreen_width=720 runs FS-UAE with 1280x720 resolution and it works, but messes up the scanline shader because of the scaling. I can't get a workaround for FS-UAE Arcade though and parts of the screen are permanently cut off.

Even explicitly specifying fullscreen_width=1920, fullscreen_height=1080 doesn't fix it.

This happens with both the 2.4.1 stable version and 2.5.1dev. Anyone else seen it?

FrodeSolheim 07 April 2014 11:38

Hi, you don't specify what OS you're on (and no log file attached). But I guess you are on Windows and that the issue is related to "High-DPI" display / resolution scaling. At least one or two other people have reported a similar issue. The next development version will be based on SDL 2.0 instead of SDL 1.2, which has better support for "High-DPI resolutions", so the problem may go away then!

Bastich 07 April 2014 11:52

When using ATI/AMD graphics cards via the HDMI output there is a default zoom applied (only on HDMI). It's quite annoying and I have not found any real reason for it (under / over scan). You can however disable it in the AMD vision engine control centre / Catalyst control centr by going to My Digital Flat Panel and then scaling options. Set this to 0% and then apply the settings. Hope this fixes you problem :)

Fr0sty 17 April 2014 06:39

Hey guys thanks for the responses.

It's not an overscan/underscan thing - it's literally that the screen is zoomed so far in that you're missing the right and bottom quarter or fifth of it almost.

Good call on the High-DPI settings; I'll take a look at what my DPI setting is in Windows for that resolution and let you guys know if it fixes the issue.

Note that I've seen similar issues on other games (Dragon's Lair and Space Ace on Steam in particular come to mind), plus it's a beta AMD driver so I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually a driver issue that'll get resolved when the next official release comes out.

Fr0sty 17 April 2014 07:00

FYI - looks like it's the High-DPI issue.

More info and a workaround; I'm using Windows 8.1 and it has a setting "Make things on the screen bigger or smaller" - if I use the slider and choose "Smallest", FS-UAE is sized correctly at my resolution.

I believe this setting is the same as the DPI/zoom setting in Windows 7 (where you got to choose between some settings like 100%, 115%, 12% or custom I think).

So for anyone else expriencing the issue, that workaround worked for me with the current FS-UAE development version (I suspect it'd work with the last release version as well).

Now to check out those other games :)

Thanks heaps!

ArtMac 22 April 2014 03:40

yes. The current workaround seems to use the slider and choose smallest

FrodeSolheim 04 May 2014 23:04

Please try 2.5.2dev or newer (http://fs-uae.net/download-devel). This version is built with SDL 2.0 and should hopefully work correctly with "hidpi" displays :)

ArtMac 10 May 2014 23:35

Hi Frodhe.

I've tried 2.5.2dev and the issue on HiDPI displays has been completely solved.

Thank you!!!

PS (portable version): Inside "Scan Paths and Configurations" to paths appear, with different / \
- One is like: D:\FS-UAE\
- Other is like D:/FS-UAE/Configurations

Do de different slashes have to do with being a portable version? Maybe the second one is an automatically added path?

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