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DamienD 17 October 2008 00:51

Very sad news ;(
Unfortunately I have some terrible and tragic news. As some of you may know by now, Belgarath's wife passed away a few days ago.

I'm positive I'm not alone in offering my most sincere condolences to Belgarath and his family. Our prayers are with you all in this very difficult time.

Belgarath and Alyson had been together for 12 years and married for the past 11. Unfortunately Alyson had a lot of health issues and so Belgarath took on the duty of caring for her for most of that time. The last 4 years have been especially tough as Alyson suffered a stroke...

Throughout the years I've known Belgarath, he's always been a good friend and very helpful to everyone he comes across. He's also a private and very proud man.

Belgarath has given so much to the Amiga community as part of the HOL team and creator of GameBase Amiga. Personally, I believe it would be a very nice gesture to give something back to him in this time of need.

I propose that we try to collect some donations / contributions to help the family with the cost of the funeral and other things.

If anyone else would like to donate / contribute there are 2 ways;
... PayPal
... Barclay account

Keeping track of the incoming payments will be extremely easy. Very simply, everything that goes into either account is for Belgarath and family.

These are my PayPal details: damienjdavis "at" yahoo . com

If you are in the UK and feel more comfortable with paying straight into my spare Barclay account then please PM me and I'll give you the details...

All help is very much appreciated, no matter how large or small. It's the thought that counts.

DH 17 October 2008 01:00

This is sad news.

I offer my sincere condolences to Belgarath and his family. All our thoughts and prayers are with you all in this extremely difficult time.

"Through the pain and loss you feel
You can count on our 'support'
We'll be with you, in spirit
And in mind and heart and thought

eLowar 17 October 2008 01:03

"With regard to the sharpest and most melting sorrow, that which arises from the loss of those whom we have loved with tenderness, it may be observed, that friendship between mortals can be contracted on no other terms than that one must some time mourn for the other's death: and this grief will always yield to the survivor one consolation proportionate to his affliction; for the pain, whatever it be, that he himself feels, his friend has escaped."
-- Samuel Johnson

Belgarath, once again, thank you for helping me through a difficult time recently, and while there is not going to be any wedding to invite you to in return after all, I'm still in dept to you for stopping me from falling apart when I most needed someone to talk to, and for listening to my whining in spite of your own worries and problems. While money is no consolation of course, I hope it helps a little with the inevitable real world problems, at least.

Retro-Nerd 17 October 2008 01:09

This are indeed very sad news, Damien. Of course i donate some money via PayPal.


You have my sincerest condolences mate. I don't know what to say in such a sad moment. Hope your family/friends and the EAB community are able to convey comfort, at least a bit. :sad

Hungry Horace 17 October 2008 01:12

all the love to you Belgarath, as R-N said, its hard to know what to say.

my heart, and i'm sure eveyone elses, is with you.

TCD 17 October 2008 01:19

I'm very sad to hear this. My sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of your wife Belgarath.

Carlos Ace 17 October 2008 01:31

My sincere condolences to Belgarath and his family.
I also gave a little help by PayPal.

Marcuz 17 October 2008 01:37

all my condolence to Belg and his family, i'm very sad for you loss, my thoughts go to you.

T_hairy_bootson 17 October 2008 02:11

I'm sorry for your loss Belgarath.

Thank you DamienD for setting this up.

Galahad/FLT 17 October 2008 04:03

I had no idea mucker!

I'm saddened by your loss mate, on the few occasions we've had a chat, i've always found you to be quite an amiable chap, no pretentions, no arrogance, just a thoroughly nice bloke.

I can't possibly imagine what you are going though right now, but I do hope in time you get over the initial stages of grief and get to feel better.

Vairn 17 October 2008 05:56

I am saddened by your loss, you are in our prayers in your time of grief. You are one of the positive sparks in this community and I hope that time makes your grief less, and you remember all the good times you had together.

@Damian D, thanks for setting this up mate, I am sure that Belgarath will appreciate this.

dlfrsilver 17 October 2008 07:35

All my condolences to you Belga in this tragic moment,


matthew 17 October 2008 08:19

sorry that this has happened :sad

adolescent 17 October 2008 08:54

Very sad to hear. My condolences to the entire family.

Graham Humphrey 17 October 2008 08:55

Awful news, I'm very sorry to hear this. Very best wishes and condolences to you and your family Belgarath, I'm sure everyone's thoughts are with you at this time.

musashi5150 17 October 2008 09:58

My thoughts are with you and your family Belg.

chiark 17 October 2008 10:19

as above, my thoughts are with you and yours. I cannot begin to imagine what you're going through... If there's anything we can do, just ask.

musojon74 17 October 2008 10:51

i am very sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences to you.

Charlie 17 October 2008 11:37

I'm so sorry for your loss.
My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

cane 17 October 2008 11:38

My sincerest condolences Belgarath.

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