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eLowar 28 May 2007 18:22

"GameBase Amiga by Belgarath"
Quote from the very top of the GameBase Amiga Homepage:

GameBase Amiga by Belgarath

Since there seem to be many misunderstandings: all work on the GameBase Amiga database and all related files, including original screenshots, collections of cheats, instructions and music, etc. is Belgarath's work, not mine.

I merely wrap it up (installer and some of the file packs) and host it on my webspace. I've also written WHDRun and have occasionally supplied Belgarath with little tools and scripts to make certain tasks while working on the database easier. But that and maintaining the website (and now wiki) is all I can and want to take credit for.

I hope this clarifies things (at least for those who read this ;)).

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