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no9 09 September 2019 20:38

Looking for not broken versions of those modules
I got them from some Internet archives but they contain broken samples. If you have good version of any of those mods, please send it to me or point me where I can get it. Thanks.

Looking for:
* "having not fun77000" by terrax
* "wings of freedom" by thorin
* "i.h.n.k.t.o.b" by venture

Asle 09 September 2019 21:12

define "not broken", please ?

no9 09 September 2019 21:46

I mean that they have corrupted samples.

There are links to those faulty files:

Asle 09 September 2019 22:08

That's interesting. Looking at those, I can locate the source of the first and the third. For the first, (Terrax's music), it is "natively" with bad samples. I mean, it is as is in the demo it comes from:
For the third, I guess everybody copied on each other a defective version. I've fixed the one on AMP now. It comes from the following demo (where it is with valid samples:

I have no idea about the source of the second music. some help ?

no9 09 September 2019 22:25

Thanks Asle. I updated first post and my collection of modules with correct "i.h.n.k.t.o.b" as well.

I also done 'fixes' of those first two modules, but it would be nicer to have original ones as composers intended.

Asle 09 September 2019 22:40

I might have misunderstood but what do you mean by "also done 'fixes'" ?
And, getting originals from authors is always something to look for, but the author
1. has not the original material anymore
2. grabs a rip lying on [pick your favorite music collector] web site and overwrites sample text
3. has the original but dislikes a few notes here and there and updates at will, then releases it as "the original".
4. has the original and shares it as is

most likely is 1) of course :) ... I've seen 2 and 3 .. believe me ! And I've seen 4 also, thankfully :D

no9 09 September 2019 23:17

2 Attachment(s)
Oh, you are right. I meant to get tracks that play correctly without any glitches. If we can get the ones not ripped from some productions I also prefer those ones.

My fixes are just plain edits of sample content of those tracks done in Protracker to got rid of those glitches and make them listenable at least. Kind of 'patches'. I attached those two here in case we don't find anything better.

There is actually more tunes which seems to be faulty also
* "klingon swing" by Voya-Ger

This case is a bit intriguing

* "take a walk" by Ramon

because at pattern 24 (the second part of the tune) there is sudden break in music which doesn't sound as intentional but also doesn't look as any kind of data corruption.

Or that one:
* "the christmas samba" by El Loco & Sundance Kid

Otherwise very nice tune but at pattern position 09 it strikes with horribly out of tune sample. Possibly because of bad rip or player that doesn't support finetuning?

* "2ddemo3.soundtrack" by Quick
plays at wrong tempo so loops don't stick together. As far I remember the demo also plays it wrong.

Ok, that's more or less all tracks that bugged me since some time :).

Asle 10 September 2019 01:56

Voya-Ger music suffers only from bad loop settings - author's "design" I would say
Ramon music suffers from a bad conversion from Soundtracker to Protracker
El Loco & Marlin music is a bad rip where a finetune set got lost
Quick music can't be played any other way than it is in the demo or anywhere else where set BPM is supported.

I note that none of these 4 have any sample issue (read"broken" to stay on topic). I checked them because I thought we would stay on topic. I guess I'm done :)
Ah, and all 4 musics are (now) correct on AMP.

no9 10 September 2019 03:25

Thanks for pointing this out Asle. I updated my mods package so it leaves me only with two bad versions of modules listed in the first post.

However in this case is quite opposite


Quick music can't be played any other way than it is in the demo or anywhere else where set BPM is supported.

Right, it plays correctly in demo but probably because it doesn't support or ignores BPM command. Module itself sets BMP to 135 a couple of times. Smart protection against ripping music?

Asle 10 September 2019 10:49

Let me complete my own answer with demo material for the readers:
Voya-Ger music comes from the intro of Sentinel 2 diskmag:

Ramon music comes from Music Invasion 3:

El Loco & Marlin music from It's Just The Beginning musicdisk by Paragon:

Quick music comes from 2D Demo III by Oxygen:

Now, it happens, but it's really rare when a "rip protection" is set up. Generally, an unsupported effect is used for syncing matters.
However, there are only two of them in the whole music ...
The next step, as far as I am concerned, would be to contact the author. I won't touch the music on the simple ground that "it doesn't sound right".

In a general way, I believe there are many many more "broken" (i.e. don't play correctly or are downright corrupted) musics out there. Still, there's no small victory :) So please report those so that we can investigate.
btw, did you liaise with Saga about Modarchive ?

no9 10 September 2019 13:29

No, I didn't contact him.

I went trough the whole Protracker subdirectory on Modland and actually those tracks mentioned here are the only ones I considered as worth bothering. I think this is quite low percentage of tunes that triggered me at all.

Case of "Having not fun77000" by Terrax is quite interesting, because both productions listed there https://demozoo.org/music/1965/ feature the same corrupted version. Since no one in almost 30 years bothered to find out how that nice melody in the second part of music actually sounds I took the scissors. I made fixes to the version I have downloaded from Modland but I have take a look at the other ones. Also that one downloaded from AMP, where ST-XX sample names are actually preserved.
I assumed 'minimum intervention' approach to not remix tunes for the authors, so I:
- replaced one completely unreadable lead sample with that I picked from ST-XX disks (I think it was ST-53\ledsynth). It is assumed because of the sample name 'st-00:lead sybth (C)', probably wrongly, but at least 'sits' in the music.
- shortened loops of pads that were partly corrupted just to ommit crackling parts
- denoted "my" version in the filename and sample name to warn people that this may be mutated version

"Wings of freedom" by Thorin didn't left too many clues what sounds was actually lost so I transplanted it from other sample within that module and modulated it a little with Protracker's native effects. This is probably more distant from original but at least cracks and glitches doesn't distract from the rest of quite nice tune.

So I don't think I influenced authors original intention more than it was crushed by corrupted data. I've just made it baerable to listen. And if correct versions pop up somewhere I will happily replace them in my collection.

Asle 10 September 2019 15:29

Yes, we handled Menace@demozoo with the full dump of Kestra/Janeway .. so, they have the same material now. Or, "had", since it was some months ago and we both did continue our own separate way :)

About fixing musics as you describe, I don't have any problem with that, as long as you don't spread the result.

no9 10 September 2019 15:53


Originally Posted by Asle (Post 1344699)
About fixing musics as you describe, I don't have any problem with that, as long as you don't spread the result.

The only party I can discuss that matter is the composer of particular music. Nobody else. That's all I have to say.

mai 10 September 2019 19:29

What is the original source of "wings of freedom"?
It is on "SpanishScene1.iso", xpk packed, but unfortunately xpk archive seems to be corrupt. :(

no9 10 September 2019 21:13

I think I got it from Modland. Thank you for checking it.

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