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s2325 12 March 2007 01:40

great Super Obliteration Remake
http://youtube.com/watch?v=iE5PmeU_Y30 http://youtube.com/watch?v=aqaDyqE4ZrM

Spellcoder 12 March 2007 15:48

Somewhat low resolution and heavy jpg compression visible in the background images, but it looks and plays great :). Thanks for the links :great

caffeinekid 12 March 2007 18:29

Hopefully I will have the full version out this month... I'm putting the levels in at the moment and upto level 24 now (the first with teleports).

Does anyone have a contact address for David Papworth? I would love to get his blessing on the remake - and hopefully not have him tell me to stop. ;)

Thanks, s2325 for pimping it. :D

caffeinekid 12 March 2007 18:31

Oh... as for the low res, it's using a combination of ripped graphics and such because I'm not an artist in any way shape or form.

I would love to have a nice new high res player, etc, but left to me it's not going to happen I'm afraid. :(

StrategyGamer 12 March 2007 21:29

What res does the game in?

caffeinekid 12 March 2007 21:36

It's in 640x480 so all the Amiga graphics are pixel doubled in width and height.

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