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voyager_1701e 19 February 2014 14:06

Amiga 1200...board revisions question / wire link modification question
Hi All,
My first post on EAB, and a new thread to boot! I'm on Amibay also, but seems to be a lot more technical traffic here (I've been a short term lurker LOL)

Recently got back into the Amiga, and have just acquired a crazy amount of hardware!

This post covers something I'm sure has been covered to death...a quick search didn't reveal a compact answer for me. I now have 8 A1200 boards. I intend to recap 6/8 (I've recapped the first I got already, and the 7th I think has a faulty floppy controller chip or component).

My question.....most are revision 1d.4 boards, but I also have a 1d.3 and 2B. I'm going to keep 2 (One will be using the Individual ACA1232, the other a Phase 5 68060/PPC240Mhz) and refurbish / onsell the rest. Since I've recapped and done the timing fix on a 1d.4, Ill keep that, but I'm wondering if there is any benefit to keeping either the 1d.3 or 2B? Any thoughts?

Also, I came across a unique modification on one of the 1d.4 boards, I'm hoping someone can identify its purpose (I'm just too curious!). Its a wire link between a SMD resistor just above Budgee and adds an inline resistor connecting to an SMD resistor beside the electrolytic cap underneath the serial port. Any ideas


voyager_1701e 19 February 2014 14:41

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Photo of link....

BigFan 19 February 2014 14:50

This may explain it :



voyager_1701e 20 February 2014 12:32

Thanks BigFan....an interesting link, even if it doesnt totally satisfy my curiosity!

I think Ill just keep the 1d.4 and the 2B...provided I can get the 2B stable with the ACA!

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