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jizmo 26 January 2014 18:33

A music player with full screen (and joystic) support
I recently put together an a1200 for our office and it now boots pretty sweetly through Bootselector to Tinylauncher - both excellent programs!

Although otherwise perfect, Tinylauncher's MOD support is minimal so I was thinking of putting together something that could play all the classic Amiga music I have on my HDD, including songs in mod, stk, bp soundmon, ahx, sidmon and tfmx formats.

My question is - is there a program that already does this? ie plays these songs in full screen, with support for directories, exotic formats and maybe even a joystic input?

If not, is there a menu system similar to the Tinylauncher that can be configured to launch tasks, and maybe even send commands to them with Arexx? Other suggestions how to tackle this?

jizmo 31 January 2014 17:42

How about a menu that can be configured to launch executables or execute commands? One that can have multiple items selectable with mouse or joystic, similar to the trainer or demo collection menus? Or even a simple CLI menu?

Anyone know if a program like this exists?

Coagulus 01 February 2014 08:52

could it be done with something like Delitracker and AREXX?

jizmo 01 February 2014 18:14


Originally Posted by Coagulus (Post 935711)
could it be done with something like Delitracker and AREXX?

It could. But I'd still need that customizable frontend that sits on its own screen over AmigaDos and is controllable via mouse / keyboard.

Aminet had some menus, but the ones I tested were either very limited and didn't suit the purpose.

For now I settled for a custom boot configuration that runs sandboxed Delitracker window in low res. It works, but it's far from the sophisticated solution I had in mind.

daxb 01 February 2014 19:57

If I don`t be wrong there exists a tool that makes use of Joystick instead of mouse. At least that would be the easiest solution. Have a look at Aminet.

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