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jim 09 June 2005 19:34

Prospector-please help!
Hello there people, posted on another thread, then realised the last post was over a year ago so not gonna get much joy there!

Just bought Prospector in the Mazes of Xor off ebay. its the budget release and the guy hasn't included a manual/password sheet and it asks me for a word out of said manual when i boot it up, hence i am unable to play it. could anyone point me in the direction of a downloadable version of the manual or offer me some advice? if you can help please reply to this post or if poss send me an email, i would really appreciate it. cheers

Galaxy 10 June 2005 00:32

I'll upload my copy of Xor tonight - you can remove the protection with some copy programs (like lockpick / powercopy etc.)

Duke 10 June 2005 02:13

You could install it with WHDLoad, it will skip the protection then.

Galaxy 10 June 2005 10:34

You can find a deprotected copy (off an original) in the Zone, along with a copy of the Manual from the budget version.

Enjoy! (Xor is quite a tough game)

saimon69 18 October 2019 20:16


Originally Posted by Galaxy (Post 198680)

Enjoy! (Xor is quite a tough game)

Sorry if i necro this (digging bones since is a 14 years old thread)

You can say it loud: i remember getting it via parallel means in 1989 and was unable to finish even the first maze! (and i started to get it today watching a play video)

However have the feeling that a newer version might make people enjoy more this game, maybe with more musics (of course, the original one is good but get in the nerves quickly), some different graphics and some "tools" like tutorials, split screen or similar...

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