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Akira 27 August 2001 01:25

:( R.I.P. my beloved 1084S
Well, it seems my 1084S monitor is now pushing ICcs in silicon heaven. It just died on me. Its last words were 'piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!!!!'...

I really got to fix it, I miss it already, it's the best monitor money can buy, importing one from anywhere would cost me a ton, and I can't use my Amiga without it.

Help me out if you can :( I posted a description in teh Hardware problems area.

Anyway, I will try to makea useful post out of this. Any other hardware that died on you and you still miss? My C128 was declared dead this very same year too... the whole original computer kit is dying on me :( Even if I buy this stuff again, it just won't be the same. This was my forst computer and my first monitor. You knwo what I mean? :(

I'm off to cry some more.

Amigaboy 27 August 2001 02:06

Yep. My A1200 is semi-dead. I say semi since it's not that fatal

The computer runs perfectly, but if you plug anything into the joystick port (whether it be mouse or joystick), prepare for some Van Dammage :p

There was one instance yeeeaaars ago. We used to play with the C64 24/7 (being under 10 years old). We used to play it on a little TV which we bought just for the C64, but, after about 10 years of usage, the little one died. It was a sad sad day :(

TikTok 27 August 2001 12:43

Ah, my poor A600 died this very morning :( I flicked the switch, but no power light, no little beep from the HD....nothing :crying

I really, really, really, really hope it's just the PSU......

Akira 27 August 2001 17:48

Havea good sniff at your PSU. It shuld smell of pish or something :) If it does tehn something blew inside it.

Then have a sniff at your 600's upper left corner, right where the vents are. If it smells like pish too, then the -12V probably got fucked up as well. Just a matter of changing a capacitor. Just don't try to switch it on again, or you risk scerwing up more stuff! My PSU blew 3 times, I talk from experience :) Only once it gave me smoke. Teh last time, for trying to turn it on again, I blew the -12V line inside the 600...

TikTok 27 August 2001 17:55

The strange thing is Akira, it actually did a similar thing the other day. Immediately as the first thing to test, I plugged the Amiga into a different wall socket, and it worked! Then I plugged something else into the "bad" wall socket and that also worked :confused So perhaps there is some kind of loose wiring or connection or something inside the Amiga/PSU.

Anyway, as you say, I won't keep trying, I'll just look for a new PSU - should be fairly cheap. There was no smoke or smell that I could notice btw.

Already got Amiga withdrawal :sad

Overdoc 27 August 2001 21:42

That looks to me like a bad wall socket. I had a similar problem with one of my socket extenders. Some plugs are a little bit narrower than other ones.
Another guess would be the cable. If you have an Ohmmeter you could open the powersupply and check the cable while moving it around.

Tim Janssen 28 August 2001 15:19

Amiga monitor
I still have a 1083S monitor (is this a pre-1084s?) which works fine -just.
The socket which attaches the monitor to Amiga is a bit broken. The RGB-display is sometimes corrupt (only yellow, blue or red colours) and the screen sometimes rolls. I have solved this problem by attaching tape to the cable & socket. Display is good now as long as you don't touch the monitor.;)

B.T.W. Akira,
Do you also own a TV-adapter for Amiga? Plugging this thing in your machine you can still play Amiga games on your TV.

Akira 28 August 2001 18:06

Hey Tim, are you sure it is the socket? I think it could be a cable problem. My cable is faulty and sometimes if moved it gives me straneg colours :D

I can conenct my Amiga to teh TV (It's a 600, included RF and Composite outputs), but I don't want to. Reasons:

1) RF or Composiet are CRAP. I am used to RGB :D
2) My machine is of a european (PAL or PAL-B) video norm, and local TVs are of a sub-standard PAL-N video norm. They suck :P So if I connect my miggy to the TV it looks black and white only!

Paul 28 August 2001 20:09

I used to run my Amiga 600 on the TV and the monitor at the same time:D

Runing on a TV is not that good as it is harder to see and flickers red sometimes.

Have you tried flicking the switched next to the TV out plug? When I 1st plugged my A600 to the TV it was black and white and the sound had interference until tried the switch.

Akira 28 August 2001 20:30

No Paul, it really is a norm problem. PAL-N is not compatible with euro PAL or PAL-B, it sucks. All my german machiens give me the same signal. You also get NO SOUND if you connect thru RF (luckily Amigas have separate audio connectors)

Tim Janssen 29 August 2001 09:19

Hero saved Lynx
Hi Akira,
I am quite sure it is the RGB-problems are the fault of the socket of my 1083S monitor. -it is a bit loose.

B.T.W in this thread you asked:

Any other hardware that died on you and you still miss (...)?
Well, this weekend I have saved a piece of hardware from the scrapyard: My brother's Atari Lynx II! Because he was cleaning the attic he wanted to throw the handheld away! I just could save this little machine which comes with adapter and 12 games including boxes, manuals and posters. (For those who are interested in the games: Batman returns, Lynx Casino, Dirty Larry renegade cop, Scarpyard dog, Viking Child, Gates of Zendocon, APB, Blue Lightning, Warbirds, Rygar, Chequered Flag and Lemmings).
Pity the Lynx never got the credit it deserved. It is a bit the same story as with the Amiga: Good quality but bad marketing. Looks like the Gameboy Advanced finally has caught up the Lynx in 2001 with its colour display.

Akira 29 August 2001 19:46

Actually teh PC-Engine GT (or TurboExpress) was eons better than any console of its time (1990) and the Gameboy Advance is nearly there. The TE still is a bit superior IMO because of its unmatched backlight active display. And PCE games are great :)

Yuo got a good mix of gaems there, some poop and some great. The Lynx seems like a portabel Amiga to me. You can TELL the makers of the Amiga put a hand in it :) Keep good care of the machine. I love mine :) Shame it eats up batteries like a hungry pig :D

Your brother is NUTZ, good for you to save the machine from the clutches of oblivion and the junkyard! :P

XoreX 30 August 2001 07:44

My little Amiga 500 died also like 10 days ago... :( What more should I say; ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

P.S: Realy hope that my friend can fix it (again)...

Akira 30 August 2001 18:34

Let's hope your Amiga is just in a comatose state :P I had my Amiga in coma state for about two years.. it sucks! And my 128 has been broken for 4 years already, I can't stand it!

Overdoc 30 August 2001 19:14


Originally posted by XoreX
My little Amiga 500 died also like 10 days ago... :( What more should I say; ashes to ashes, dust to dust...

Hmm, what problem does it have ?
Maybe a green screen ?

XoreX 31 August 2001 07:24

No, 1st the internal floppy refused to work, then (in the same day) the external and then (again only 10 min later) the transformator! Don't know tha cause jet...

Uukrul 31 August 2001 20:45

Akira, you can bid for this PHILIPS CM8833 SCART MONITOR in ebay (currently £4.99)


Akira 31 August 2001 22:02

Yeah, but yuo knwo how much would I have to pay to bring it form the UK? :(

Sadly, dunno why, but postage from the UK is one of the most expensive I ever paid. I wonder what's up with the Royal Mail :P

Uukrul 31 August 2001 22:40

£115 more or less!!

115 + 5 = 120 => A ticket to UK is cheaper :)

Shipping the A600 I bought from UK to Spain costs me £30. And the damned one hasn't yet arrive.

I can't wait more time, joder!

Paul 22 September 2001 11:53

My beloved Amiga 600 has just died. :crying The shock of being used was too much.:shocked

I think it is my power pack, but all my fuses are ok. Right off to the car boot to see if I can find a replacement I hope:eek Comes back later........................Damn no luck.

Hope it is my power pack and not the machine.

Anyway thank god for emulators:) I downloaded most of what I had.

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