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andreas 19 November 2003 15:39

Realm of the Warlock (100% copy)
Does anyone have this game on real disk and can do a redump?
There are two in TOSEC, but all two of them have corrupt blocks.

Realm of the Warlock (1988)(Incognito Software)[cr Kontrasoft]
should be named
Realm of the Warlock (1988)(Incognito Software)[cr Kontrasoft][b]

because it contains TONS of bad blocks resp. invalid header keys/pointers.

Realm of the Warlock (1988)(Incognito Software)[cr Kontrasoft][a]
only has one erroneous one.

<tech>Even more details:
block 1753 refers to an invalid header key. File :pics/P12C is corrupt. I CAN fix those things; but I found out that if I fix this, I'd just copy over block 2 of :pics/P15A which is TWICE on the disk: first on #1709, second on #1753.</tech>

Could anyone please look for another copy?
If :pics/P12C isn't corrupt and the other stuff is, I can fix the disk because then I have the correct contents of its 2nd block! :-)

andreas 04 June 2006 20:25

Now that's an OLD request ... :D

But as there is no SPS version in sight, it's still up-to-date.
I don't give up the hope (yet) ...

BlaCkAdDa 19 July 2006 11:29

I have an adf of this I think, taken from a real (original version) disk, but i hex modified the binary to make all the password protection one word, and probably added some lame intro at the time ... if i can find I'll put in zone.

BlaCkAdDa 19 July 2006 11:30

I've put my adz dump in the zone ... check it out

andreas 25 July 2006 08:48

Thank you SOOO much! :great

I tested the image: it's really 100% ok!
And since I think that the Kontrasoft release should have a 100% working copy too - nobody has ever managed to dig up a fully functional copy! -, I will now fix the Kontrasoft release as closest as possible to the original scene release with the correct data from : pics/P12C!

You have now eternalized your handle in TOSEC - next release should have this image as [cr BlaCkAdDa] :D

Could you dump your unmodified original too, supposed you still have it? :)

BlaCkAdDa 25 July 2006 13:05

hehe tosec immortality awaits

wasnt my original... one i borrowed from a school buddy in the day

andreas 26 July 2006 21:24

Great stuff to have the lid closed on this after THREE years! :) *dances*

With the correct data from your disk image, I was also able to fix the corrupt sectors on cylinder 79 with the Kontrasoft version by using a sector editor, piecing in every relevant sector from the good version, aligning header offsets and next-block pointers, since many blocks were located on different tracks!
Of course I did a binary compare afterwards to ensure the extracted "P12C" files are identical - gladly they were. :) Zoned.

Adderly 26 July 2006 22:39

well done andreas! :great

andreas 27 July 2006 10:23

well done andreas & BlackAdDa, that is :)
teamwork rules :)
one supplying the disk, the other doing the coding and/or fixing - heh that really feels like in those ol' scene days :crazy :D

Imageman1984 21 March 2018 04:26

Hi All,

My name is Paul. Not much of a stretch given my email address..

Anyway, some buddies and I are reminiscing again of late and I'm just looking for copies of some of our old titles. We owned Digital Concepts back in the late eighties and created "Torch2081", "Lords of War" and "Island of Lost Hope". We also worked on a few titles during those years. In particular, I was hoping to find "Magician's Dungeon" and "Realm of the Warlock".

Andreas and BlackAdda seemed to have posted a 100% Realm of the Warlock, but I can't find it I "the zone!". Is there an archive section?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.

Paul Drzewiecki

DamienD 21 March 2018 09:27

Hey there Imageman1984,

Welcome to EAB :great


Andreas and BlackAdda seemed to have posted a 100% Realm of the Warlock, but I can't find it I "the zone!". Is there an archive section?
Just checked on one of my HDDs, the file I saved from The Zone! back on the 26/7/2006 was there and now re-uploaded :great

... Realm of the Warlock (1988)(Incognito)[cr Kontrasoft][FIXED].zip

To access The Zone! see here: How do I get access to the zone?

@TOSEC guys; you should add this in future releases.

Crashdisk 05 April 2018 20:19

This is not planned because a corrected version already exists in TOSEC. By the way, the version mentioned is Kontrasoft of World of Wonders (WOW)

piesel 01 October 2019 15:27

Thanks, was looking for this one.

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