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Nightfox 14 November 2017 14:49

Virtual Memory on Amiga?
I was thinking, since the 68010 and above support virtual memory, was this ever used on the Amiga? Seems like a handy way to get extra memory in Workbench, albeit it would be slow.

Locutus 14 November 2017 14:59

yup, there's some extensions for it; VMEM and GIGAMEM. You do however need a full Paged MMU for this to work (so practically a full 030/040/060).

Nightfox 14 November 2017 15:03

Is it too slow to be practical?

ptyerman 14 November 2017 23:59

I can't speak for VMEM as I've never used it, I did use Gigamem on my A1200 with a Blizzard 1230IV for a while and didn't notice any slowdowns, the 030 on that card has a full MMU.
You can only use FFS though, it won't patch any other filesystem which is a let down for me, and the reason I stopped using it, I use PFS3 for the larger partition size.
It would be a great solution if it supported any Filesystem, but as it is very limiting!

Daedalus 15 November 2017 13:09

As opposed to other systems, the Amiga virtual memory solutions only swap pages to the hard drive when free RAM is critically low. So you won't get a slowdown until it's actually using the swap. When it does though, it will be quite slow - especially on a slow interface like the built-in IDE.

ptyerman 15 November 2017 15:30

Yeah I failed to mention that when I used Gigamem I had a external SCSI drive connected to the Blizzards SCSI kit dedicated for swap. Never tried it off the IDE port but can imagine it would slow it down a little.
Even so, as long as you are only using FastFileSystem it is a useful addition for extending RAM support.

kolla 04 December 2017 05:49


Hm, I always used a dedicated partition for swap, and it was not dependant on any particular filesystem - are you sure you're not confusing with MuFS?

ptyerman 04 December 2017 06:19

Nope. As already stated GigaMEM will only use FFS, it won't patch any other filesystem. Its in the documentation if you want to have a browse of it.
I can't speak for any other implementation as I only ever tried GigaMEM.

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