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sjaaq 16 April 2020 15:50

Looking for mods - have complete recording from a 1990's tape
Before I got an Amiga I was given a tape with some Amiga MOD tracks recorded on it. This tape was one of the reasons I got myself an A500 in that time.

I have download several complete mod archives already but still having a hard time finding it. I have included a complete track listing, only for the tracks I included a link to the mp3 are still missing.

02-Not sure, I guess it is from some game: https://app.box.com/s/rhwqunqqbo01jer46c5zeydgma5tbt4k
04-Stakker-Humanoid, I guess it is from some demo: https://app.box.com/s/srf6eaa1y5o85ftp8lzn785dn4dmbele
06-Xenon 2 - Title.dw
07-Copacabana-Bavaria (dutch track): https://app.box.com/s/31v1fsqn5zq945l2b0fbi97arc4vrmb7
09-DForce Title.mod

jotd 16 April 2020 16:01

you can find Xenon2 title/ingame in my game music archive: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7rewisojoy...eMusic.7z?dl=0

I'm sure I had paranoimia (Art of noise remake) but can't find it right now... I've got Jarre remakes, but not equinoxe...

sjaaq 16 April 2020 16:06

Thanks, but I already got tracks 1,3,6,8 and 9.

Just looking for 2,4 and 7.

Amiga68k 16 April 2020 16:09


Originally Posted by sjaaq (Post 1392452)

This track is mentioned here: https://demozoo.org/productions/73321/

Perhaps a step closer ;)

sjaaq 16 April 2020 16:26

I have found several versions of the track, but none match the tape :(

You suggestion for Psychedelic House by The Overlanders is a Atari demo. I am not saying it is not, but I do not have any Atari ST experience so I cannot check it atm.

cry 16 April 2020 17:07

Are you sure the Stakker-Humanoid track is from a demo? Only that was a proper music release, Stakker being aka Future Sound of London.

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stakker_Humanoid

Asle 16 April 2020 18:31

02 is http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/release.php?id=74438
04 is http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/release.php?id=35001
07 - I've never heard. sorry

sjaaq 16 April 2020 20:19


Originally Posted by Asle (Post 1392515)

Thanks man! Two down, one to go!

Btw I know now why they cut the humanoid mod short ;)

jarre 12 June 2020 11:08


Originally Posted by sjaaq (Post 1392556)
Btw I know now why they cut the humanoid mod short ;)

What do you mean..???

sjaaq 14 June 2020 15:43

The ancient tape I got of the mod cuts it short. It is because the mod gets really bad at that point.

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