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Jim 13 July 2004 15:56

Idea: Fun & Games page
Some filler, if nothing else:

Fun & Games page(s) with stuff like anagrams, wordsearch, quizes, crosswords etc... all releated to the Amiga.

Bloodwych 13 July 2004 16:07

Going by the "Ask CodyJ" challenge thread, he'll wipe the floor with us!

That guy shoots out HOL suggestions faster than Dizzy and Kombats bowls shift after a mammoth indian/lager sesh (no pics please Diz).

I'm always in favour of anything that keeps the community going. Just finding people willing enough to set everything up.

Jim 13 July 2004 16:10

I can help with Anagrams!


It'll be easier making a magazine version, as with the EAB it is 24/7 work as they are all relying on me to keep them updated on the solved/unsolved status :sleep

Dastardly 13 July 2004 16:13

If this goes ahead Id post my 'challenge' threads there :)

Dizzy 13 July 2004 18:01

Yeah good idea..
then we can play Santas and my favourite game. We sit in a room drinken bottles of beer and booze. Then 1 leave the room, and the other has to guess who did leave the room. If you are correct, then you win a bottle of Vodka (because your not drunk enough)

Dizzy 14 July 2004 04:14

Jim I found this for you


more here

Jim 14 July 2004 04:17

Hope you aren't insinuating that I am a pirate Mr Dizzy ?

Quick tip to solve a difficult maze like that is to build a replica out of wood, and take a leak in it. Follow your urine to the exit. :)

P.S. How do I stop the new beta Windows Update from telling me I have invalid key?

Dizzy 14 July 2004 04:19


Originally Posted by Jim
Hope you aren't insinuating that I am a pirate Mr Dizzy ?

Oh no, but maze like this should look cool :p


Originally Posted by Jim
P.S. How do I stop the new beta Windows Update from telling me I have invalid key?

Use Linux :laughing

blackcornflake 14 July 2004 17:08

We have considered this sort of thing, actually. I think a spot the difference/colouring-in thing might be nice, for example, so people could get their crayons out.

Another idea that has been bandied about is to have an old-style hi-score pantheon type thing. You know, 'Commando - 750,082 - Fred the Duck'. Also thought about occasional specific games challenges, in some form or another.

But all this stuff has only ever got as far as the vague concept stage, because we've given priority to other things. And the decision to go with any of these ideas would ultimately come down to the level of response we thought we were likely to get, as well as how effectively they could be implemented and administered.

BippyM 14 July 2004 17:18

Why not start a high scores thread?

That way if the response is good enough it could be more seriously considerd, Dastardly is always doing ickle challenges here and there, maybe he would like to run something like this for APoV??

Obviously it'd be piss easy to cheat so proving would be difficult, maybe save-states or whatever!

Dizzy 14 July 2004 17:19

I dont think the Highscore stuff is very good, The way Das do it is cool. But having some kind of crossword etc could be fun. Just having one place to upload/ post it and then people can print it them self would be fun. But then again mayby it would only be few contribution, so :D

Dastardly 14 July 2004 17:49

I posted a thread about doing an EAB high score table a while back. People generally thought it was a good idea but it didnt go anywhere after that. I dont think the interest would be strong enough.

Id be happy to add my challenge threads to a 'fun and games' section but even those are hit and miss as its hard to know what people will have a go at.

Maybe if the results of this new section were added to the APoV it would encourage people to have a go.

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