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Unkown 03 November 2019 11:09

So i bought!
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A Raspberry Pi 4 - 4GB

Wanted to install Ambian 1.4 but turns out its not working with RPi 4, So now i have to wait untill Ambian 1.5 comes out. noting to do until it does..

Played around with some of the other OS's on n00bs but that about it apart from stress testing it out and the idle temps are 34c when idle and max i have seen so far is around 40+ so yeah so far so good.

Anybody else have a PRi 4 or another Pi ?

And if so what have you been doing with yours any thing special.

Havie 03 November 2019 13:13

I have two Pi's - my original which is a first generation Pi is in a Vic case with a keyrah and basically turns it into a Vic!

My second is a 3b+ is in a Picade cabinet and plays games really well (arcade only as I have lots of other proper hardware for other games).

Have always found them pretty difficult to sort out and manage - probably as I haven't really got the time to understand Linux.

Good mini-computers.

If you want to try something until Ambian comes out for Pi 4 then try this (I have no idea if it works in a Pi4):


Havie 03 November 2019 13:24

Just read the page I linked to and Combian doesn't work on Pi4 yet - sorry!

Best I can do is:


Anubis 04 November 2019 14:27

You can install Lakka - for any kind of emulation...

ETA Prime has tutorial how to install it, and he tested most of emulators...


He also covers how to install RetroPie on RPi4


I have all other RPi, and still don't see enough reasons to upgrade to RPi4. I have RPi3 running as server, having ubiquity and pi-hole installed on it. RPi3+ is my main retropie/amiberry setup (2 x 32GB mSD cards).

I have one RPi3 being used as desktop, but very rarely. At the moment I have RPi1 and RPi2+ that are not being used, but might be used if I find an old C64 or similar keyboard or broken computer. :)

At work I installed 2 internet kiosks with RPi3 and we have 3 RPi with cameras, working together with motioneye software.

There are so many ways to use RPi today, so many nice projects... and best of all, they don't use much of power to run all the time.

005AGIMA 13 November 2019 03:56

Slightly on topic/off topic question....but what Keyboard is that and does it feel as rubberised as it looks?

I see a Sinclair Spectrum emulation keyboard in my future lol. :D

Bren McGuire 13 November 2019 20:33


Originally Posted by Anubis (Post 1356467)
I have all other RPi, and still don't see enough reasons to upgrade to RPi4

That's because it's too fresh and unsupported still. The difference in performance is huge as proved by what is already running in it (like Lakka).
Good thing is it doesn't matter if you don't get one now, they will be there and at the same price whenever you decide to switch!

I early adopted the biggest model and am using it as my media center. There's not much optimization yet but it already runs quite a bit faster than the old 3B+ and I have a ton of RAM.

Unkown 31 January 2020 23:25

Sad News My Pi4 is still collecting dust due to incompatible / no updates for pi4 amiga support....

manossg 01 February 2020 12:37


Originally Posted by Unkown (Post 1375643)
Sad News My Pi4 is still collecting dust due to incompatible / no updates for pi4 amiga support....

You can use Retropie with a simple hack. If has Amiberry and it works beautifully!

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