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Overmann 05 March 2019 09:57

Elbox not responding after accepting money
I just tought I should share this. I've recently had dealings with Elbox and the experience has been absolutely terrible.

Sep.28.2018 I ordered a Fast ATA ZIV controller from their webstore. Okt.12.2018 it was sent. Allthought it took two weaks for them to send the item it arrived quickly, but didn't work. I spent a few weeks trying to work out the issue and then contacted them Okt.30. They quickly responded in a short mail requesting more info. I sent that the same evening and waited 16 days with no reply. I eventually just sent it to them (following the instructions on their website). It was clearly not working as intended.

About two weeks later I emailed them asking if they had had a chance to look at my controller. Two weeks later I got a reply saying that they had and that it was indeed fauilty. But was now fixed, would undergo testing and be returned to me.

That was december 5th, and I've not heard from them since. I've sent a couple of e-mails asking about the controller but no replies. It has been three months today since they fixed the item. Two weeks ago I asked for the transaction to be refunded as I had by then waited almost half a year for the item. And it was quite expensive! Needless to say they have not issued a refund or contacted me.

I understand that it's a small market, and I've done my best to be civil, respectful and understanding in my correspondance. But I am shocked by the lack of Professionalism. I expected things to be slow. Perhaps it's a small operation and some of the people involved are going through something. I don't know. But there is no excuse for this kind of thing!

Finally I should say I don't know how I feel about sharing this with such a broad audience, as there might still be a perfectly reasonable explenation for all of this. But, well it's been half a year now..:shocked

PS: Sorry about the slightly clickbait'y title. Making titles is difficult.

Crown 05 March 2019 20:26

Sorry to hear that my friend.

it seems that companies selling amiga goods are really lacking professionalism as you said. I have personally a similar issue with AmigaKit.

All the best anyway!!

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