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Salami_INC 22 October 2016 16:37

Desert Dream crash
I'm not sure if it's a crash or what (amiga noob here) but right after the line tunnel where the big balls should appear the video and audio dissapears and what's strange is that I can see the channel number on my TV like i'd switch a channel and it's red instead of white. Did anyone had this happen to him before ? Did I use wrong ADF ? (I've downloaded it from pouet.net) A500 rev 6 with 1mb

Vollldo 01 November 2016 21:44

There is no trouble at all with this demo on a real machine. Did you run it on a real A500 512Kb Chip + 512Kb slow by writing the ADF on a floppy disc (i presume yes since you're talking about your TV) ? I bet for a faultly floppy disc. What you can do first is to give here more informations about how you usually proceed to write an ADF on a floppy, thus we will be able to help you immediatly.

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