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Solo Kazuki 10 September 2004 15:03

> i looking for the Evil's Doom "not-on-list" spells too!!!

And have you anything more than "remove glyph" already?
Can you type them by rune names and send here or on my e-mail, please? :bowdown

> Is there anybody who help me?

Thanks for this help. It's sad that you must cheat if you want to pass this point. :sad

Maybe is there someone who want to "patch" this bug in game? :help

kriz 11 September 2004 22:05

2 Attachment(s)
Anyone knows what to do on the 4th (underground level) ?

Solo Kazuki 13 September 2004 17:45

Problem in Lost Mine
1 Attachment(s)
I have another problem. I'm in Lost Mine on 3/4 level, and i don't know what to do. I push all buttons, pass through all false walls, and open all doors which i can. But i think one button is not working (like on belcoon) - it's the button on east, just behind one door (just below this door on the map). I have real amiga and I can't make capture with map. So i send my save.

Please, somebody help! :help

Shoonay 13 September 2004 17:54

Sorry, donno nothin' about the game...

I just want to suggest, as it comes to map screenshot makin', if you have a PC with WinUAE installed: copy the game & save to it, and then you can grab them!

Cheers from Poland :)

PS: Do czego to doszlo, zeby polak z polakiem po angielsku gadali? :D

Solo Kazuki 14 September 2004 00:17

> I just want to suggest, as it comes to map screenshot makin', if you have a PC with WinUAE installed: copy the
> game & save to it, and then you can grab them!

Problem is that I have ONLY Amiga, and i haven't AmiUAE (Yes! That's true! UAE on Amiga exists - to play old games on new Amigas).

> PS: Do czego to doszlo, zeby polak z polakiem po angielsku gadali?

Tak to czasami bywa. W koncu angielski jest jezykiem "miedzynarodowym"

Saint 24 November 2004 15:46

walkthrough? is not necessary if you know the magic map spell i think

for money you can join useless characters to your party and let them buy usefull things like weapon, armor or tools till he is out of money and than go underground take everything from him, go out and kill him (of course you have to decide a party with which characters you want to complete the game). than sell the goods what you have took, (and want you buy cheap try the mythil guard) you will aslo win good money in lost legions, specially in mythil and on belcoon (last level!) too.

interlaced!, (if winuae)
immediate blitter-check,
correct aspect ratio-check
(of course if unchecked)

Leki 01 February 2005 20:53

woohoo i love you guys! (not in a gay way hehe)

at last i can finish the great game evils doom!!!!

i too got stuck on that underwater level and was sure it was impossible...i ended up contacting the orginal programmers and titan about when the SE edition would be released. titan said something like due to there being bugs in the game that made it impossble to complete and them not in contact with the orginal programs anymore that it probably wouldnt be. :(

just wondering once i got stuck in the bit before you use that rope thing to go through the windows of the tower....might have been the bit where fireballs are shooting out from the walls....i couldnt get anywhere so hex edited the map to let me though a wall as i thought that was bugged too......is the under water bit the only impossibe bit in the game or is there more?

now since havent plaeyd this game for years i have to try and remember what im doing again hehe...i think im supposed to be finding a sword from under the water right?

also anyone know if the SE verison of evils doom was leaked out anywhere?

Marcuz 01 February 2005 22:02

my token is taht you guys are playin on the real thing and not on winuae, right?
i can't really stand the display :(

kriz 01 February 2005 23:15

yes, when i have played it on winuae it is really frustrating, the picture becomes "doubled" and I need to press space-button twice to "refresh it"....

Sadly the full screen (in the dungeon) doesnt work, its always doubled :(

Anyone please know anything, its a very very good RPG!!!!

( Get it here:
http://www.dungeony.cz/hoborg/amiga/evil's_doom.htm )

Leki 02 February 2005 00:09

i play it on a real amiga :)

kriz 02 February 2005 10:45

what amiga do you use, and what hardware do you got ? And wich install/crack is it?

I never got it working either on my 040/ppc or the 4000/060 :(

Any tips?

Leki 02 February 2005 18:10


i got an AmigaOne G4 and OS4....doubt it would work on that...prolly would with e-uae though. also have an A1200T with 030...used to play it on a 040/ppc before it died though. i dont think it works on 040's...what you will have to do is disable it by holding down "2" at bootup (if its a phase5 card) and run the game file that makes your comp reboot and autoruns the game. it works fine on 020 but needs ALL the chipram.

Cant remember what my copy was...but it was in 8 dms files that i extracted to HD and then installed.

hope this helps.

Solo Kazuki 04 February 2005 00:43

Well... I have BPCC 603 166MHz + 040 40MHz, and game works fine on my config! Moreover, there's no need for this booting mumbo-jumbo in this game! After some works on original script, game is fully playable on better configs (but you must have AGA PAL/NTSC display possibility)

Psygore 04 February 2005 12:36

Anyone has the 8 original disks ?

Leki 04 February 2005 19:28


Originally Posted by Psygore
Anyone has the 8 original disks ?

i bet the orginals that olympia software sent out are extramly rare....i sent them money (to croatia) for the game but never got it as they said they had just made a deal with titan and i would get the special edition CD version instead. of course that was never released :( ..so i guess very few people who sent them money right after the demo was released got the orginal disks from them.

kriz 05 February 2005 11:29

so bad!!!!! I wanted to buy it too at that time, and then waited for the special edition...

too never appear :(

(btw. why does hol say that the game was unreleased...it surely was released, but it didnt get a good distrobution :( ....)

Psygore 05 February 2005 12:13

Someone had sent me the orignal with a little box and manual.
Unfortunately, the disks are in poor condition, I only manage to rescue the 2 first disks. :(

kriz 05 February 2005 12:18

ahh, if i remember right I think it said (in the .nfo file) that the group that cracked it had to recover the disk(s) because they were full of errors ......

too bad for such a gem...

kriz 05 February 2005 12:18

how does the box look like btw. ?

Psygore 05 February 2005 13:41

For info, disk 1 is a dos disk with files and disks 2 to 8 use diskpare.device which can contains $1800 bytes per track (instead of $1600 for the trackdisk.device), that's why cracked version has 10 disks.
There is a big lzx archive splitted on these 8 disks and the game can run only from HD.
The first disk is the install disk, it mounts the dos driver (diskpare.device),
joins and unpacks the archive.

The box has only a black & white picture sticked and the manual has 16 pages in b&w.
The guy had bought the game directly from the authors.

Maybe someone has the game uncracked?

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