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mattbarton.exe 05 September 2009 15:47

Matt's Maniac Mansion Youtube Retrospective
Hi, Amigans! I just uploaded a YouTube video last night about one of my favorite adventure games, Maniac Mansion.


I show the Commodore 64 (original), NES, and of course the Amiga versions for your viewing pleasure. :agree

TCD 05 September 2009 15:49

Didn't know the NES version is that decent. Thanks for the heads up, the review and mentioning EAB :great

Peter 05 September 2009 16:30

EAB gets a mention! - Cheers Matt...

Nice video - the Amiga version looks great!

There are a few NES boxed versions on UK ebay at the moment if anyone is interested...

Zandig 05 September 2009 16:40

Great stuff as usual Matt.

I always look forward to your videos as they are always very well thought out and put together.

Haven't played this one since the old DOS days. After watching your video I'm going to try out the Amiga version :)

T_hairy_bootson 05 September 2009 17:48

Another great review and a nice shout out cleverly worked in, well done Matt. I of course had this on the Amiga and loved it as well as Zak McKraken. But before I got the amiga I remember playing it on a friends c64 with a large group of people in the room all calling out instructions to whoever was operating the joystick at the time. Fun times, just goes to show how entertaining these games were even as a spectator.

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