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Akira 09 October 2001 22:58

Soccer Kid for Jaguar!
Birdy! here's your chance to own a great game for your Jag!


I didn't know this was ported :)

birdy-scc 09 October 2001 23:28

I definitely should have looked a bit further before buying the machine without games - the prices are just stupid!

I've never played that game, but I've got it for SNES I think so I'll check it out.

Fred the Fop 09 October 2001 23:39

This is either from a review or box blurb from "Soccer Kid'

His un-ball-ievable ball skills
Birdy..judging by the exchange rate, Atari CD hames are going for between 7-10 quid. Here on E bay. Cartridge games similarly cheap.


birdy-scc 10 October 2001 00:09

I had a look and found a guy selling a pile of games, so hopefully that'll work.

I'll definitely try to get a CD though, it seems worth it.

Akira 10 October 2001 20:22

Well, this game is new (must've been ported in 2000) that's why it costs so much!

Check out www.vgstore.com for various Jag titles at better prices.

Shatterhand 12 October 2001 06:16

Soccer Kid for Jaguar, new?

I saw Soccer Kid for Jaguar AGES ago, when the Jaguar still was hot (if it was ever hot). Maybe it was a preview or something, but I am pretty sure I saw it a long time ago...

There's also Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder for the jag :)

RetroMan 12 October 2001 10:24

Yep, Soccer Kid on Jag is quite old, but there was released a great SHMUP for the Jag these days, sadly I cannot remeber the name, but I´ll have a look :)

Edit : How could I forget, it was BattleSphere : http://www.battlesphere.com/

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