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Dr. Dude 14 November 2004 19:34

Pcmcia ethernet
I have been going tru some Comp stuf on the hunt for a cd (what i still not have found :blased )
And i found a PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter from ActionTec

Only the card, and i see a litle port on the card, so i must have a cable for it eh? :nervous

But what i want to know is.....can i use this in my Amiga 1200? :confused

EDIT> OK i stick it in my Amiga, and it does show. But i have no idea how to set this up. Altough i still need a cable for it

alexh 14 November 2004 20:46

If you have the dongle, then there IS a chance that this will work. You'll need the CNET or 3C589 driver off the Aminet to make it work, plus a TCP/IP stack such as AmiTCP, Genesis or Miami

Codetapper 14 November 2004 20:50

Official SAMBA page
I found this site invaluable when setting up my PCMCIA network card for the A1200:


Dr. Dude 15 November 2004 21:45

well i contacted ActionTec about a new cable. but thay say thay have no stock of cables of old stuf

SO........any know where i might find a cable?

or i can toss the card away, as it can not be used then :shocked :banghead :scream

redblade 16 November 2004 09:31


Originally Posted by Codetapper
I found this site invaluable when setting up my PCMCIA network card for the A1200:


Codetapper, are you using the PCMCIA card from Dick Smiths Electornics?!?

Chaeo 29 December 2004 01:20

edit: pcmcia questions deleted, we found it was no good

Effy 29 December 2004 09:11

Dr. Dude : don´t do it. I have done a little business in buying and selling pcmcia cards for laptops or Amiga 1200. It is hard to get the correct cables, and don´t think of ´one cable fits all cards´ !! I´ve got here three different cables for three different cards and they all are different !!

This is a 3Com card I have sold almost a month ago and it should work on an A1200. The location of the driver can be found in my add and it indeed on Aminet. But I can´t understand why shops ask 25+ euro for a card that laptop owners don´t even pay 10 euro for ...

Also this : avoid Xircom cards 10 Mbit !! The will NOT work on Amiga´s because of their different pcmcia standard ... tried it, Amiga just hanged ...

Dr. Dude 09 March 2005 12:17

WHOOOO HOOOO, i got a cable for it
It go's to a 9 Pin Female conector. But as Effy says, i am not sure if this is a good cable... but it fits

Er... now how do i conect it to my pc?
If the cable finds out not to be good, what of things can be done? Like rewire the conector

Dr. Dude 06 July 2005 19:22

i am able to wire it to my pc as it has a 9pin female conection, direct to my com port
I still not have placed any device file or tcp thing on my amiga

The pcmcia card gets warm... more hot... this can't be right... can it?:shocked

DoctorQ 06 July 2005 19:31

@Dr. Dude

Aren´t you asking questions about an ethernet card? What good will a 9 pin female cable do you then?

You obviously need an ethernet cable for the ethernet card in order to connect it to your network. You can see a guide on how to setup TCP/IP on this page


You will be able to use a card like this for the purpose


Dr. Dude 06 July 2005 19:43

hmmm, i have my eye on a 16bit Xircom type PS-CT2-16 whit a RJ45 conection. i have read something about xircom, that some type would not work in amiga. I can get this card for a few bucks

kuesco 07 July 2005 03:29

Don´t buy any xircom card, they DON´T WORK.
If you can find one, i suggest you buy a 3com 3c589, is old by today specs, but it work like a dream in my 1200 and 600.
First buy the thing, then go to aminet and download the last 3c589.device file, install it in your amiga and thats all.
I assume you know a bit of drivers and networking but if you don´t then later i will explain some basics.

kuesco 07 July 2005 03:36

OH!! please don´t make single assumptions like this:

If i have a 9 pins port i can connect it to the COM port of my PC.
This type of confusions has sended too much computers to heaven than any other thing.

If you have a doubt is better to ask for help.

Dr. Dude 07 July 2005 11:04


Originally Posted by kuesco
Don´t buy any xircom card, they DON´T WORK.

In what way?
One of my mates had it for borow and the Amiga does recon it:crazy
So in what way does it fail?

Jope 07 July 2005 12:34

No drivers.

The card has to be compatible with the 3com 589 (etherlink III pcmcia) or the more generic NE2000, as those are the only chips that have Amiga drivers.

Xircom cards require drivers of their own.

Dr. Dude 07 July 2005 13:52

so all we need is some one who can build them...right?

It would be great for all:lol

kuesco 07 July 2005 16:04

Well, it´s an easy view of a complex question.:)
Drivers cannot surpass hardware limitations of the AMIGA pcmcia port. (In fact, some drivers can patch some flawless but always you ends with some limits.)
The XIRCOM cards needs some signals and timings the amiga cant cope with.
If you look in aminet, the most generic driver available for pcmcia cards in amiga is CNET.DEVICE, it covers a wide range of NE2000 compatible cards.
Anyway, is better to test the card in your miggy before buy, because some cards listed like compatibles may fail to work in some soft/hard setups.
The other dirver available is the 3c589.device, this one is oriented to the range of 3com 3c5xx cards (read the docs) and, as i say you before, is the solution that works for me.:great
Again i suggest you to discard the xircom cards (i have tried myself almost 12 different cards of this brand in my amigas and none works).
And believe me, with the efforts pulled in amiga networking from the past years i think if the driver was viable, surelly it would exists by now, so don´t expect a miracle!!:bowdown

Dr. Dude 07 July 2005 17:28

I guess we then have to bring it a step back.

I know one of the custom chips takes care of the pcmcia.
What if we program a rom to do its job, but more better?

I know i know, its crasy:crazy , just a idea

Besides Amiga is famus about its compatiblity:cheese

Jope 07 July 2005 20:21

Uhm, program a rom to do it's job?

Ok, maybe not.

Anyway, there's an insane amount of old 3c589:s piled up in the world's closets, I think 3c589.device and one of those cards will be just the ticket (get the card from ebay and don't pay over $10 for one).

RetroMan 07 July 2005 22:19

Why make any new drivers or any rom hacking ????

Just buy a Fiberline 4680 PCMCIA Card and use CNET.DEVICE ....
or buy a 3Com Fast Ethernet III PCMCIA Card and use the 3C589.DEVICE ....

Finished ;)

There are so many other cards working with CNET.DEVICE, just look at the list inside the archive .... so why bother trying to make others work ???

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