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davethemackem 19 December 2019 16:40

AmigaOS 4,1 FE on Amiga Forever
Hello all,
Setting this up on my PC and having a few issues which I am sure I will post here in time. Anyway I have installed Amigaos 4.1FE on Amiga Forever and it installed ok but while trying to "cleanup by column - works ok) then "snapshot>window>all" I get "Error while writing OS: (223) file is write protected".
It seems ok but it will not retain the changes I make, Any ideas anyone.
Thank you in advance

thomas 19 December 2019 17:02

Make sure the icon of the window you want so snapshot is not write protected. Select icon information and check the Write and Delete check boxes.

davethemackem 20 December 2019 02:25

Hello Thomas, checked all that and it was in order. Im going to wipe the whole thing and try again. I must be doing something wrong. I wanted to use WinUAE but I can't quite figure it out (missing ppc roms and suchlike I think) Thanks for replying anyway

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