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White 06 January 2021 20:03

winuae and v-sync
It's probably a stupid question i have a 1920x1080 monitor at 60nhz when using winuae in fullscreen and by default already set with the best settings?
or it has nothing to do with it from my nvidia control panel v-sync and set to disabled I ask the question because every now and then when I watch videos using winuae it is as if the screen updates.

What are the best settings?

while in the workbench I always use for example in the monitor tooltypes:
mode = 1024x768 @ 60
etc. etc.


RuySan 06 January 2021 20:43

I always change my monitor to 50hz before using fs-uae, bacause that's the frequency most games were designed for.

White 06 January 2021 22:47

Thanks for the advice but whichever setting I choose the problem of "v-sync" seems to remain albeit slightly.
some time ago I solved it but I don't remember anymore :-)

Toni Wilen 09 January 2021 12:01

Do not force vsync using GPU control panel. It can cause problems, for example slowdowns if your monitor max is less than what WinUAE wants.

You usually want 50Hz when running non-WB stuff (no need to manually change anything, refresh rates are available in WinUAE GUI). Note that usually 50Hz is only available via HDMI (and not via DP) unless monitor is variable sync monitor.

But best option is variable sync monitor (+GPU that supports it). Then you don't really need to care about refresh rates, it simply works automatically.

White 10 January 2021 19:12

Thanks for the explanation.

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