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fxgogo 31 December 2020 14:36

New or old version of P96?
Hi all, stepping into RTG for the first time and wondering if I should use the old V2 version of P96 or the new V3 one? I will be running on my PC and my PI400. Happy to pay for the V3 version, just want to be sure it is going to benefit my setups in some way.

-Acid- 31 December 2020 14:50

Free one works fine, try it first and see what you think. You can always buy the newer one later if inclined to do so.

Toni Wilen 31 December 2020 15:32

Free version works fine, new version has "only" some fixes and screen dragging support (which also needs newer winuae, because UAE driver is UAE built-in)

IMO new version is more useful for real hardware users (or if you use emulated RTG boards, not uaegfx) because it also includes updated/fixed/improved hardware drivers.

DamienD 31 December 2020 15:35

As I only emulate, I still use the free version Picasso96 2.1e.

No need for me to purchase the latest version; as I wouldn't use screen dragging anyway.

nogginthenog 31 December 2020 19:58

I bought the new version to support future development. €15 is nothing.

fxgogo 31 December 2020 20:27

Thanks for the responses everyone. Giving the free one a go for now. You do make a good point nogginthenog.

klx300r 31 December 2020 23:27

not sure about emulation but the updated version by iComp is well worth the money on real machines! It's sweet to have screen dragging on my 1200 Tower and also happy to support any new/future updates :great

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