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The Master 16 May 2006 17:20

Mercs Jst
Does Any One Know How To Get Mercs Whdload installer to work with JST

Galahad/FLT 30 May 2006 00:22

JST is abandoned now, many new features of WHDLoad are not emulated in JST, you are basically wasting your time with JST now.

Whitesnake 30 May 2006 02:19

I 've noticed that the WHDLoad for Mercs in some circumstances will only show a white screen and nothing more.
That was when i ran it from Cli, other times from Workbench it seems to work fine.
It's quite an old slave if i remember correctly and could probably use an update.

The Master 04 June 2006 17:53

Thank you for your replys Mercs seems to need the registered version of WHDLOAD and I cant justify £20 at the Mo but probably will in the end after expansion card and Kick3.1 And new Ide Drive and Second Floppy and tower case and

when I use Jst On Mercs It Sticks after title screen but it could be done but not my me

I like Jst Although It Does Not Work With My pcima to Flash Adaptor cant see why it was stopped 2 projects are better than one

Galahad/FLT 04 June 2006 19:18

the author of JST now does slaves for WHDLoad. Basically WHDLoad was more advanced and easier to write slaves for. Now Jeff (coder of JST) has helped WHDLoad to become better by some of his KickDOS support. Better 1 great product than 2 mediocre ones.

Galahad/FLT 05 June 2006 12:01

You wont regret registering WHDLoad, its worth the price all day long.

dlfrsilver 05 June 2006 12:38

yes, registering on whdload allows them to get money for their efforts.

you like whdload ? Support the effort !

The Master 05 June 2006 13:52

Ok i will register!!!

keropi 05 June 2006 15:52

that you must do.

Solid Snake 05 June 2006 22:00

I registered WHDLoad with the author a while back and regard it as one of THE essential utilities for every serious Amiga user. Over the years it has helped me install countless games and there's no need to swap disks any more! Do your bit for the community and register WHDLoad.

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