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Jambo 04 August 2001 21:23

Jambo! - DB Updates
23 New games added from the site Ami Sector One (I missed out a few of there updates :)) along with various fixes to the database, the largest of these being the link fixing..

Now all links should work (they were point to /bin/jump.cgi instead of /cgi-bin/jump.cgi, forgot to change a few paths after the server move :))

I'm working on the downloads page, just adding a few file mirrors, the new downloads page will be a bit like downloads.com.. Information and a screenshot on the download, file size etc, but the file itself would be on another server, shouldn't be too long until I start on that ;)

Hopefully more updates to come some time this week


Jambo 12 August 2001 20:46

Jambo! DB & Site Updates -- 12th August 2001

[CHANGED] -- New Jambo! Index script. I have changed from the perl based script I was using to a PHP/SQL one (rather than write my own I went with the ILink script). The old database has been converted and all sites in the old Jambo! index should be in the new one.

I hope to merge my search script with the index script in the future aswell, so Links and games can both be searched at the same time.


[ADDED] -- AmigaLand - 82 games
[ADDED] -- Amiga Zone - 31 games
[UPDATED] -- Amiga Sector One - 8 New games
[UPDATED] -- Certain game's are no longer on some sites so, based on a few e-mail reports, I have updated a few of the sites game lists in the db
[REMOVED] -- AmigaTigers EmuWorld -- Links no longer work

That about sums up todays update! A new Jambo! Index and 121 games added to the DB, current stats can be found on abime.net main page

Jambo 13 August 2001 19:18

Jambo! DB & Site Updates -- 13th August 2001

[CHANGED] -- News posting script. My new one is now finished and is a PHP/MySQL based script compared to the CGI/Flatfile one I was using in the past. There may be a few bugs in it as it was a bit rushed ;)
[CHANGED] -- After RCK pointed out some site slow-downs I have changed how often the script checks the Amiga.org backend. Now it is checked a lot less often, hopefully preventing any large slowdowns to the site because of a slower Amiga.org server.
[ADDED] -- Added a link to Amiga EmuNews on the front page.

[ADDED] -- Added a new site Digital Barbarian which is a good site which contains HD-Ready games to download. 23 new games added! Current stats, as always, can be found on the a b î m e .net main page

That sums up today's update. Hopefully withing the next week the downloads script will be ready.

Jambo 29 August 2001 20:39

Jambo! DB Updates -- 29th August 2001


[UPDATED] -- Back to the Roots - 21 New games

A bit late but at least I did it :)

Jambo 20 October 2001 14:09

Jambo! Index Updates - 20th October 2001

An update at last! Several new sites added to the Jambo! Index :

Emulation-TR - Turkish best Amiga and Commodore 64 emulation site. Amiga and Commodore 64 game databases. Games, news, forums, toplists, help files. All in one

CAPS - The Classic Amiga Preservation Society - CAPS is a project to preserve classic original amiga games from floppy extinction. Our disk images can be used to repair original Amiga disks with the copy protection intact!

SWAUG Surf-Zone - The homepages of SOUTH WALES AMIGA USER GROUP. Visit us for Support, News, Downloads and Points Of View.

Eternal Amiga - Amiga games to download, update continuously new games all the time. Requests for games are taken.

mame.dk] - arcade rom and information repository - [mame.dk] always a complete set of mame arcade games roms avalible for download - splitted rom sets build for newest version of mame to minimize your download needs

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