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lost_loven 21 June 2010 00:26

serial amitcp
k, i have tried for awhile and at a dead end. done some reading, searching and i am just clueless. I have a serial link between xp and my amiga. I want to connect to the net (aminet) just to download direct to the amiga (a3k)and to do just because it can be done.
I have amitcp and aweb on the a3k and xp I set the serial up as shared connection on xp. From the looks of things amitcp is totally set up wrong. I think i am messing up when its asking to set up the network config (ip addies and what not). Is there a dummys step by step for this? maybe i will redo the whole thing from scratch cause i am sure it might be all set up wrong.


gulliver 21 June 2010 02:05

This is a very good guide for AmiTCP

I hope it helps:)

lost_loven 21 June 2010 02:44

Kool, i will give it a try!


lost_loven 22 June 2010 00:42

step 26..slip ... what to enter?

Antti 22 June 2010 08:14

Ok, I did this last sunday except that I didn't use XP but Linux. Anyway I created a network interface that is using a serial line. That interface has a static ip address. I believe that you have done similiar thing when you

I have set the serial up as shared connection on xp.
So you need to check the ip address of the XP shared connection and enter it as destination address in step 26. Hope that helps :)

Info-Seeker 24 June 2010 19:45

not to change the direction of the thread, but the best thing you can ever do for your Amiga is get it a Network Card. They have gotten pretty cheap on ebay, in the $50 range. It is well worth it!

orange 28 June 2010 12:28

i used ages ago the script for palm. iirc, you need to change some system windows files to accept incoming connections. this tutorial helped me: http://bwinton.latte.ca/Palm/ppp.html

yeah, its complicated, so its better to spend cash on network card.

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